woensdag 4 mei 2011

Black Templar Rumours

So there a few rumours up about the Black Templars:
Via Lord Castellan
So what do we think the next codexes are going to be?

Necron of course, then Templar, obviously, but what else is coming down the pipes? 6th edition in a few years? Personally I dont think we need a new rulebook so soon but ive heard the rumor mill.

...BT will be sooner. They already have models and artwork for the boxes and so forth. They will be before Sisters I can guarantee it.

...Seeing the models and artwork at the factory is pretty solid.
And a response via Harry:
Sculpts have been around for about 18 months. (and well worth a bit of saliva )

I honestly don't know the order they will appear ...

.... but if it helps, the order that I heard about them was: Grey Knights, Sisters, Black Templar.

Whilst I expect them to appear in this order .... This was a couple of years ago so anything could have happened in the development stages before release order was set in stone.

(Lord Castellan is a braver man than I ... I certainly would not be risking my todger on the table with a guarantee of anything!)

So this means the Templare are up for Q1 of 2012. Necrons in augustus. I doubt we will see them in 2011. Maybe if we are lucky?  Most likey it will be something like this:
June - Dark Eldar / Summer of flyers
July - WHFB Storm of Magic
August - Necrons
September - LOTR
October - WHFB codex
November - Tau?
December - nothing like normal
My Codex thoughts : we will get a Chaplian dreadnought. Maybe something like furiso dreadnought? A named Emperor champion, I bet a castellan or marshall who unlock sword brethren to be troops instead of elites. And yeah that would mean Templar wing! An epic Land raider maybe? A new Rhino? Assault Rhino maybe?
Box releases: 5 men box with all the upgrades for sword brethren and normal marines. So yeah that would mean lots of boxs... A bit like the Death Company / Grey Knight Squad box. Terminator for templars only? Land Raider special, dreadnought,...

Thats my thought about the codex and the releases. Can't wait to have the codex in my hands and to make a new list!

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