maandag 30 mei 2011

Price change and finecast!

So its monday and the new prices are up. The thing that shocked me the most is:
the vinidcator, whirlwind + predator up tot 39euros! On the Chaos Space marine, Normal Space marine + Tyranids battleforce it is an extra 10euro makes them 90euro! And the Blood Angels is still 80euro? Any explination? The one for the Tau is up 95euro!

Land Raider + Stormraven are now 52euros. So 2 euro more. Kinda not a big deal. Not for me, I do feel the pain of the australian people... What does this mean again for me?
Well I'm not gonna  use a predator, vindicator of Whirlwind in my army. Or! Only if black templars/ chaos space marine get a special one! Razorbacks, Rhino's and Baal Predator are having more chance to get in my army.

If read some nice stuff about it. Seen a lot of pics the last hours. And it looks nice  to be honest.
Maybe gonna pick up a model or order a small one. I will see.
nice looking sternguard right?
OUCH! thats gonna hurt to fix...
So yeah does this scar me to buy one? It kinda does! But if I have such a model. I will just contact GW for a replacement model! Astorath The Grim is all so long on my wanted list! But so is Logan Grimnar. Most likely it wil lbe Astorath The Grim (if my LGS has him in finecast). Tonight I have to fix my bases and my Count As Lemartes!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I haven't had a chance to have a good look at the price increase, sounds pretty silly.

    I'm not sure whether you can exchange a miscast model? If you ever do I'd be interested.

  2. The price increase is indeed a bit silly.
    You can call GW and normally they sent a new one! Atleast that is what I heard. Didn't get any miscast figure yet.