dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Terminator Army?

Wolf Wing? Deathwing? Grey Knights? A count as Deathwing/Wolfwing/Grey Knights?
Space Wolves can thanks too Logan Grimnar you can get Wolf Guard as Troops and they can equip Terminator armor! Aka a terminator Army. Belial grants the same thing to the Dark Angels.
Grey Knights can get Terminators as troop choice also. Or you can create an army that use the rules of one of the above armies.  A few points about the 3 armies:

Space Wolves:
  • They count less points then the Death Wing Terminators. Can use drop pods to get on the field!
  • Combi-weapons, power weapons, heavy flamer, assault cannons, storm bolters, powerfists and Cyclone missle Launchers! To be protect in a drop pod and shoot with the squad inside the drop pod on the turn is fun!
  • Counter charge: they get + 1 attack just like when you assault
  • Close Combat: They are Space wolves? Of course they hurt! With Logan in a squad they are truelly beasts!

  • The Deathwing have storm bolters, assault cannons, powerfists and cyclone missile launcher.
  • Deathwing can shoot at range with 24" storm bolters and assault cannons. They also got 1-shot cyclone missile launchers for anti-tank.
  • Close Combat: Add Belial or a Libarian and you get a pwning unit! But against a Wolf Guard with Logan Grimnar you better run...
  • Tactical adventage with there superior long ranged firepower. 

Grey Knights (Standard Troop Terminators):
  • Have a storm Bolter and a Nemesis Force Sword as standard weapon. Can upgrade to a Nemesis Force Halberd, Daemon Hammer, Pair of Nemesis Falchions, Nemesis Warding Stave, Brotherhood Banner. Incinerator, Psilencer, Psycannon. 
  • Grey Knights have the Psychic Power Hammerhand! Which gives them +1 strength if they pass the Pyschic test!
  • The Aegis makes any enemy psyker who targets a model with the Aegis special rule to suffer a -1 penalty to his leadership.
  • Preferred Enemy on Daemons. So better you don't get in front of Grey Knight army when on a Tournament!
  • Close Combat: pretty good thanks to the Force Weapons they have!


Which to pick?
Grey knights? Wolf Wing or Deathwing? The one that fits you the most!
Do you like angels who are on search to clear there name? Or Vikings in Space Marine Armour who can strike from drop pods? Or!? Psykers who can dual wield 2 swords and still shoot at you? And who can shoot psyhic power also? Or a count as army? Such as Khrone Wolves? Choice is all up to you!

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