maandag 26 maart 2012

Black Templar: Blue Squad!

So its time for the Blue Squad! Another Black Templar Squad is done! These guys wheren't as fun as I tought they would be. Blue on the weapons was kinda hard to do. I hope my green Squad will be alot easyer. And again the blue squad tabards will be done when I get to green squad. They got the more tabards/ robes. So yeah I fear the next week will be a tough one!! I also need to take pictures for the Librarium Painting Challenge! Gonna do this after the post.

Total Squad
The shoulderpads are blanc till my freehand is better!
I'm also thinking more vehicles and predator spam in the Nurgle Angels list. What to do...

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Black Templar: Red Squad!

So I finished my Black Templar Red Squad. The first of my Black Templar Repainting time!
I'm happy about them! as you can see I have some models not painted yet. This is because the robed and tabards one are gonna be done in one single line! Also the neophytes will be done different
Total Squad
Tabards and robes are done on a later stage

dinsdag 13 maart 2012

One year and a day of blogging!!

So seems like I have been blogging one year and a day today. Missed my birthday yesterday!
Happy Birthday Death From Above!! In this year of blogging I did some fun stuff.
Happy Birthday!!
Went to tournaments, painted a Nurgle Angels Army, Repainted 90% of it in the same year! And still expanding them! Built and painted a Chaos Wolves Kill Team. (Still wonder when we are gonna finish that with the club.) Started repainting my Black Templars, I finished them when I start blogging so its sounds ironic that I redo them just now. Today is one year ago that I went to a Team Tournament in Leuven. Was my first and real tournament. Damn that was fun!
 A year of blogging what does a person learn in that year? Well I did learn the dice gods can be a b*tch sometimes That you just have to go with the flow and do the best you can! In gamer life I'm still learning and enjoying the game. Still didn't won a game yet. Kinda is a shame but I don't mind. Most likely its because of my own fault not thinking through in the game. Lets hope this year I will do better and win some games. That's why I'm also gonna try something different with my Nurgle Angels. A more agressive look and a good mix of my evil plans. I also learned that World Of Warcraft and painting doesn't goes hand in hand. This time I'm gonna do it different! I'm making a list, to what has to be painted by the end of the month. That way I can arrange my time.
Free hugs!

My one year top moments:
Numero 1: Club Championships 40k 2011!
Sadly I deleted my first tournament post so I'm gonna post a pic.
First Tournament Battle against a chill German guy
Numero 2: From the Warp is back
From the Warp/Ron was back! This guy has some awesome skills! In painting and modeling, when I joined the From The Warp blog it felt like I was really blogging!
From the Warp Logo

Numero3:  Girlfriend Painting
That I could get my girlfriend into the hobby and let her play was a great moment for me. Now that she is learning to play 40k I'm even more excited to teach her the game
Her Warboss Gnarlaf
Numero 4:  Space Wolves Kill Team Models
Building my friends as Space/ Chaos Wolves was a fun thing to do. I really like those models and can't to play with them.
The Kill Team Squad
Numero 5: Pictures Time
The post that got the most comments! A post with lots of pictures inside it! Hope you like them!
My own copy of the game!
Numero 6: Warpstorm 5 
This post got me onto the From the Warp blog! I was so proud! And still am!!
Blogroll Spotlight number 13
This miniature (painted by a good friend of mine) got me on the blogroll spotlight

Thank you to everyone who readed this! And the people who visit, read and comment on my blog!
Also thanks to the 7 followers I have! Hopefully I'm in for another good year of hobby!

zondag 4 maart 2012

Army Idea's, Black Templars and count as Grey Knights

So I finally start redoing my Black Templars! Built a squad and allready start painting them!
Thought of a way to represent the different squads. The pistols and chainswords get a color this time. I did red for the first squad, the next one gets blue and for the last squad I have no idea what color to pick.

First four marines of Red Squad
I'm also thinking about doing an Sanguinary Guard army. Why? Because I wanna do something unqiue. Something that not 50% of the people do. Okay, I'm gonna spam sanguinary guard but not razorback! I'm thinking about adding alot of land speeders but at my local store they say "Just go full out infantary." I Do have to check this 1750pts list! Will update when I test it.

Dante / Blood Wing
Commander Dante
3x Sanguinary Priest with 3x Jump Pack, 3x Infernus Pistol,3x Power Sword
1x Sanguinary Guard with Chapter Banner,3x Infernus Pistol,Power Fist
1x Sanguinary Guard with 1x Infernus Pistol,Power Fist
1x Sanguinary Guard with 1x Infernus Pistol,Power Fist
1x Sanguinary Guard with 1x Infernus Pistol,Power Fist
1x Sanguinary Guard with 3x Plasma Pistol,Power Fist, 
 Last night I also built my third and fourth terminator for my count as Draigo - / Logan Wing.
Left guy can count as Njal Storm Caller / Runepriest. The right guy as an renegade Grey Knight