maandag 28 mei 2012

Painting in the sun!

So I did some painting for the past 2 days. Because well yeah it was hot in Belgium.
Finished my Black Templar Green squad!
Meltagunner and PF squad needs basing and a backpack
Fun Dreadnought for my Nurgle Angels
Black Templar Dreadnought
Libby Dreadnought! With a fragcannon, I know
Black Templar old school rogue trader Dreadnought
Grey Hunter and Wolf standard
3 Obliterators
A little sneak peak
Genestealers attacking the command base!

maandag 21 mei 2012

Diabolic Duo's

Yesterdag was a Double Tournament in Sint Niklaas! 18 teams fighting to be the best team!
I must say it was alot of fun to do this again! It was another team mate then last time. This time Grey Knights + Blood Angels! First match was against Orcs and Dark Eldar (2x Battlewagon!) and 3x Ravagers.
Look I got a fan!
Second Battle was Against Blood Angels + Tau!
Our fire line! Looks fun to be honest!
3rd Battle: Thunderwolves and Canis Wolfborn (so Fenris Wolves as troops)
He teamed up with a Biker army
The Results

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Albion Tournament

So yesterday we decided to do a tournament with our Local Game Store the Albion. We had a great time. Surprise! Not the grey knights won but the orcs!!
My last battle
Beam me up scotty!
Teh Venerable Dreadnought Rudy
1ste place Orcs

2nd place Grey Knights
3rd Place Necrons!