vrijdag 29 april 2011

Nurgle Angels: Death Company last 2

So last night I did a battle against tyranids. Darn those nids! Next time go a bit cheese on my list.
Had to make a count as models.
So I ran a chaplian, my death company without the powerfist dude and a 5 man squad of normal assault marines. It was against Tyranids and I must say it was a fun fight. My first 5 assault marines where bye bye in the first round and the Death company Survived thanks to feel no pain.
Leasson 1: Sanguiary Priest with the assault marines! The Death company did a good job against the little slashy 2 attacks! Combat was fun and the reroll to hit is fun! Allways to kill some people with that. The chappy died because his warrior did a rending on him. To bad.
It was a short fight but I enjoyed it! After that match I heard I have till 1 May to finish my Death Company. So here are the last 2 of my Death Company:
7 Death company + Jumpacks
Powerfist, Thunderhammer and Power Weapon
Total of 315points. April month done!

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