vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Display Board

This is something I really wanna do a long time!! A display board.
Now with the Armies on the Parade going on in Games Workshop stores. I'm tempting to make one.
Only problem is have to fix something that I can use for more than one army. On Bolter & Chainsword someone is making this:
Image taken from here. Made by InFlames
 The Hogs of War also went to Wargamescon. And took some pics:
Blood Angels & Imperial Guard
Blood Angels
So this kinda where I'm going for. A mix from the Tyranids board and the Cathedral.
But also keeping in mind for Warmachine. That play board is 6 x 4 feet. The bases for Warmachine are a bit bigger then the Games Workshop ones.
My Templars got ruined stones under them:
Templar Bases
 My Nurgle Angels got spookey bases and chaos bases.
Spooky Bases
Chaos Bases
 So should I go for 3 different boards? Or one normal board? Like the Cathedral? Or I can lazy and just make something like this:
Image From The Grim Dark South

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Nurgle Angels: Final List!?

So last week I mailed with Kirby from 3 ++ is the new black. This was about my Nurgle Angels List.
I was getting frustrated I didn't get any win with them yet. So I mailed some one who could help me out.
His respond:

The first list was better really but having the Death Company is going to limit you. What I'd look to so is move your list more towards one of these two arch-types: Blood Skies or Blood Hammer. What they do is overcome a lot of the main weaknesses a pure Jumper army has (i.e. your first list) by adding ranged firepower. You can try and keep the Death Company if you wish but they are quite expensive and not always worth it. If you did keep the Death Company I'd use them instead of the Furiosos in the Blood Skies type list without Jump Packs. This keeps their cost down whilst still being an effective combat unit.

Image from Games Workshop
I came up with his list:
  • Libby with a JumpPack (125pts)
  • 3x 10 marines. with 2x melta and powerfist. (705pts)
  • Priest 2x with powersword (180pts)
  • Storm Raven with typhoon and hurrican bolters (255pts)
  • Land Speeders + Typhoon (180pts)
  • Chaplain (100pts)
  • 9x Death Company with Power Fist (205 pts)
Total of 1750 points.

I kept my Death Company to be a kill unit. They will be in the Storm Raven! Muhahaha!

Land Speeders to be as a heavy unit. Storm Ravens got 4 blood strikes and Power of the machine spirit so that is gonna be fun!  The rest is a pretty standard setup for Descent of Angels.

Any thoughts?

maandag 11 juli 2011

Warmachine: Cygnar

Yes you've read it right. Warmachine! I'm starting a new table top game. Not because of the Games Workshop prices. But because a friend of mine did a double order and so I end up with a Cygnar Battlegroup.
Image from Private Press

 I get the following in the battlebox 

  •  Commander Stryker (this guy minus the points from the total. 6pts less)
  • Ironclad (7pts)
  • Lancer  (6pts)
  • Charger (4pts)
This gives a total of 11 points. What Commander Stryker does with his 6pts less. I have no clue! Gonna wait till my mate responds about this post. To add up some points. I seem to be needing a Journeyman Warcaster.
Image from Private Press
And Also an Unit Stormblade and Long Gunner. Melee and Ranged group.
StormBlade - Image from Private Press
Long Gunner Infatry - Image from Private Press
This gives a list of 25points to play with.

Cygnar Jewel of the Iron Kindoms.
Image from Private Press

Cygnar is the most prosperous and most technologically advanced nation of the Iron Kingdoms. Of all the human factions it could also be considered the most benevolent, although that has begun to change with recent events. Cygnar's ballistic technology is unsurpassed, and the Cygnaran specialty, arcane electrical energy, can fry opposing warjacks' cortices, rendering them far less effective in combat. So this means I can pew pew from long range and then just close combat the enemy down if they get to me!
Image from Private Press
 Doubt I will paint them in the blue/white sheme. Gonna think about it maybe later in the night.

woensdag 6 juli 2011

Black Matt's Black Legion Inspirations

Yesterday I went through Black Matt's Black Legion his blog. And damn he got some nice models!!

For example I'm gonna borrow this idea for my melta guys. This one is for his Chosen Squad.
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Also the models he posted from a guy called Nagamo are nice to point. They count as Plague Marines. They can be found in this post. The model under is count as having a powerfist, I guess. Gonna make something alike for sure!
Model from Nagamo
Bloodcrushers, put a marine on them and you get a cool effect! Matt did a great job with these:
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
The above is what I think one of the cool things he have done.! It just scream WORLD EATER!
If you go through his Black Legion Army Construction you'll find lots of cool pics of his conversions. Think someone is fan of the Dark Angel Upgrade set + Chaos Warriors! Can you blame him?

He is also a part of the Blood Angel Army for Heroes Of  Armaggedon.
Image from Black Matt's Black Legion
Yes indeed this dreadnought of the Death Company is using balls as his blood claws. Luckely the finished model looks like this:

Image from Black Matt's Black Legion

With this I finish my blog about Matt. He has some cool models on his blog and you really should go watch them! It can be found here.

vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Tale of Gamers June Painting

So I finished on time my Tale. Like normal the day before the final day. Damn I'm slacking sometimes!
Next Shipment of Nurgle Angels:
  • Librarian + Jump Pack 125pts
  • 3x Normal troops. 54pts
  • 2x normal marines + meltagun 56pts
  • Devastator marine + heavy bolter => 28pts
  • total 260pts 

 Standard Angel + Melta
Nurgle angel
Melta + Standard Angel
Group shot