zaterdag 31 december 2011

Rhino / Razorback Park

Last night I glued all my Rhino's together I had laying around in my battleforce.
Also the Razorback turrents from bitsbox are glued together. I did nothing special on the rhino's. Only the "extra armour" and Rhino Doors are gonna be special. I did one special "driver" and one count as Storm Bolter. This is because I seem to have lost that bit. Everything is just primed and will be ready for painting Monday.

That's it for this year. I had a great time writing, modeling and painting! Whatever Games Workshop will do with Black Templars or Chaos Legions next year is for now just seeing in the dark.
I wish you all a good end of  2011 and a good 2012!! Happy New Year!!

From left to right: Twin Linked Lascannon, Twink Linked Plasma and Lascannon and last is a Twin Linked Lascannon

Daemonic driver saying "Hey!"
Count as Storm Bolter

vrijdag 30 december 2011

Happy Holidays! And painting stuff!

First of all I hope everyone had a good christmas or holiday! Also a good new year and a happy ending! I know mine  can't go bad anymore!  With vacation for me I got alot of time for painting and modeling. I did paint alot the recent days. My girlfriends christmas gift, Beastmen test model, Chaos Warhounds, 4 Chaos Wolves, my Good sister in law her persent, a few test models, 2 tyranids painted by girlfriend, my home made rhino doors. Ooh and my dakaka dreadnought!
Last night we did a little test battle for a double tournaments. Teammate and I got smashed by Grey knights and vanilla marines. Damn those dakaka dreadnoughts! And not to forget even heavy bolters on standard razorbacks cracked my razorbacks open...  An no one takes Extra armour!? Really! o.O I was shocked. I changed my serg's to power sword instead of powerfists... Luckely still a test battle!
Also I start to fear that Black Templar maybe be a White Dwarf Codex... What if we don't get anything new? And the rumours are just rumours that nothing is true of new models and so! I kinda don't wanna end up like Blood Angels (before 2009) and Sister of Battle now.What will be released in February? I know for sure that its gonna be 40k! Ooh well here are my pics:
Test Normal Blood Angel and New Year Present (WIP)

2 Black Templars WIP

Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend

Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Chaos Warhound 1

Beastmen and Chaos Warhounds
My Girlfriends Space Marine Buzz Lightyear

Girlfriend her: AaarghD2
The reall Buzz and my Buzz
Extra Armour Rhino Chaos Style!
Nurgle Angels Rhino door

Chaos Wolves Rhino Door

Grey Hunter and Wolf Guard with Thunderhammer and stormshield
Wolf guard with storm Bolter and Grey Hunter met Mark of the Wulfen

donderdag 22 december 2011

Schedule failure

So I check my Schedule yesterday and seem I didn't do good. The tyranids aren't done from Space Hulk. I should be able to do them in the next 2 weeks. But also the holidays and schoolwork are gonna keep me from completing me. 

  • Finish Nurgle Angels => Tale ends in October so my army needs to finished painting then!
    •         Real Army list will be finished end of November (CHECK!) Only Sanguiary guard left!)
  • Space Hulk 
    •   Genestealers: half way december? ( FAIL!)
    •   Space Hulk Terminators. Half January / End of January? (STARTED ON THEM!)
  • Extra units/vehicles for my Black Templar Army Q 1-2  (still have time!) But I have a squad 5men sword brethren Paint in progress.
  • More Nurgle Angels when Chaos Legions codex is out! => Count as squads!
      • Khorne Wolves or Death/Khorne Company? (started on them!)
      • Lust Scars
      • Egypt Knights
      • Iron Warriors could be the terminators for the Angels (Have terminator with me. Most likely a Logan (Wodan) Wing army!)
      • ...
  •  Khorne Wolves or a Fantasy Army? (Khorne Wolves are being painted and Rhino's are on their way! Fantasy I'm gonna play a game tonight so most likely I'm gonna do Beastmen!)

And as final for all of you:
Image taken from Space Wolves

zondag 18 december 2011

Thunderwolves and Beastmen idea's...

So it did some shopping last thursday! And I now I start modeling the things I buyed. I made my self my own Thunderwolf! I like him alot. I'm not so sure about the why I wanna mount the marine on it...
Also with the Beastmen codex in my hands now. I've been thinking about a centigor army. But then I saw the Initiative thing and my idea went bye bye. Gonna retry this thursday my fantasy experience.
Ooh and guess what I got in the mail? Yes indeed my own 3d printed shoulderpads! I love them! Can't wait to see them on a miniature and play with them.
Now I unleash the bloody beasts from hell! Tamed by my Chaos Wolves!
Prepare yourself Logan Grimnar! Wodan is coming for your Skull!!

donderdag 15 december 2011

First Fantasy Battle

So I had my first Fantasy Battle today! Was fun! The magic phase I like!! The amount of dice you have to roll with combat in fantasy is lots of dice! They movement and charge stuff.... The stuff I disliked the most!! The movement phase! All those pointy things and then if you hit one guy you hit the one next to him and then the guys next to that guy! OH MY GOD! ARGH! That's why my bases (I"m allreadt that sure!) are gonna be magnitzed.
Image from Games Workshop
That's something I'm gonna have to learn. One thing I'm allready for sure is this: Minotaurs are awesome!! Impact, 4 attacks, stomp, frenzy after one a battle... Nice! Then the idea of having a doombull in an ungor unit... I like that! Before you have kill them all... I'm gonna get you! The magic phase I really like! Maybe a more magic army?  I bought myself the warhammer fantasy army book of Beastmen.  Maybe convert the beastmen abit? So that I could use them as Chaos Warriors? Yes indeed I'm that evil! Gonna rethink maybe my army choice. I'm in doubt to be 100 sure. The fluff of beastmen is awesome. The idea of Minotaur! Awesome! 
Image taken from Drunken Samurai
A Battle Standard Bearer seems like a good idea also! Have to check what he does. But that is for tomorrow!!

maandag 12 december 2011

Fantasy won the call!

So I finally fall for the fantasy army idea.... I have chosen the Beastmen as an army! Why?
Because the brutal look and the horde feel. Makes me wanna go and kill some humans!

Art owned by Games Workshop
 I'm thinking about building an army with 2 groups of 20 gors. And then a group of ungors have the other 50% ambush. A bunch of 2x 6 minotaurs! For the Cloven! I'm thinking winter theme for my Beastmen?

Photo owned by Games Workshop

Winter Gor
I also like the idea of having such a big unit of Beastmen preparing to fight! And having one of these 2 in the army would be awesome! But first! I'm doing a test run with my LGS owner his beastmen!

Image from Games Workshop

zondag 11 december 2011

Work Miniatures

So last friday it was my turn to give  to give pie and french fries for my birthday on my workfloor.  I also did a little extra for my college's.  I painted a few model for them. One of my colleges allready broke his Space Marine. So he will get it now for sure tomorrow. Hope you like them!

The bald one was for a bald college
Thesewhere painted to present cement like statues.

woensdag 30 november 2011

Final List for Nurgle Angels and Chaos Wolves

So I bring you my last list for my Nurgle Angels and Chaos Wolves! I'm using in both armies Devastord/long fang squads or rhino's. What does this mean? Well that I can use those rhino in for now 2 armies (3 when chaos legions hit the floor). All 3 the list are 1750pts by the way!

If got 2 different lists for my Nurgle Angels!

2 Storm Raven list:
Librarian pys: Shield of and lance of...
3 x Priests with power sword
2 x 9 Assault marines with meltagun, power fist in a rhino with extra armour
1x 10 assault marines with 2 melta and powerfist (with a priest and libby in a storm raven)
5 x Assault Terminators 3 lighting claws and 2 thunderhammer and storm shields2x Attack Bike with multimelta
2x Stormraven gunship with TL Lascannons,TL Multi-Melta

Devastor list:
Librarian pys: Shield of and lance of...
2 x Priests with power sword
1x normal priest => babysite for my devastors.
chaplian with 5 death company 1x power weapon in a razorback
1 x 8 Assault marines with meltagun, power fist, infernus pistol in a rhino with extra armour (libby and priest in here)
1 x 9 Assault marines with meltagun, power fist, infernus pistol in a rhino with extra armour (last priest in here)
1x 10 assault marines with 2 melta and powerfist in a rhino with extra armour
1 x 5 assault marines with melta gun and powerfist in razorback with extra armour
2x Devastator squad with 4x missile launcher 

For my "new" army the Chaos Wolves I got the next few things up in my mind:

Chaos Wolves Lists:
1x Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Thunderwolf Mount,Storm Shield Shield,Frost Blade,Wolftooth Necklace,Wolf Tail Talisman,
Rune Priest with Wolftooth Necklace,Chooser of the Slain, Murderous Hurricane and Jaws of the World Wolf
Rune Priest with Wolftooth Necklace,Wolf Tail Talisman, Murderous Hurricane and living lighting
2x this kind of unit: Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Combi-Melta,Power Fist + 8x Grey Hunters with Meltagun,Mark of Wulfen in Rhino with Extra Armour
1x this kind of unit: Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Combi-Melta,Power Fist + 9x Grey Hunters with Meltagun,Mark of Wulfen in Rhino with Extra Armour
4x Thunderwolf Cavalry with 4x Storm Shield, ,Thunder Hammer
2x => 1x Long Fangs Squad Leader 5x Long Fangs with 5x Missile Launcher 

Because my mind goes nuts about Chaos Legions

zaterdag 26 november 2011

Warpstorm 5

So today was Warpstorm 5! I had a great time again. Lost my battles. But! I still made it to 27th place! Not bad! It where 3 different kind of battles also. So the first battle was. 3 objectives and data slate taken from it when you had it for 2 turns. (Which I did!) My opponent did the same. 

The first battle was against tyranids! I killed 1 trygon and 1 hive guard squad. Not bad right? But still hooray for me! Second turn I did a bit bad... I underestimated the veteran squad that are unlocked as troops by Pedro Kantor... And then all combi plasma, combi melta and plasma guns. Pfew! I had a bad time with those guys... But still it was a fun battle! It could have been totally different...
I had first turn and for some reason my rolls where now failing me. For the same reason I could have popped all his vehicles but yeah I didn't made  it to that... Also my storm raven last for 5 turns! But still... Was a good match and I had a good fun game! That I was really meant for me. Same goes for the third battle. Didn't play it all too well also with first turn. Gave it away and with that he parked all his vehicles in close to the objective. So I only could contest it for 2 turns. But after that he just shoot my units from the middle point... So I still had a good time! Now is time to get me some rhino!
This pony is for my girlfriend who took all the pictures