donderdag 31 maart 2011

Tale of 40 Gamers Albion 2011

My nurgle angels 1750 list! So from april I will be painting this!
Time to meet lord of the Decay
Reclusiarch: + jumpack, bolt pistol (155pts)
Joins my Death Company

Librarian + Epistolay + Jump pack (175 pts)
Joins one of my assault squads

1 Sanguiary Priest + jump pack

Death Company: 8 marines with power weapon, power fist and thunderhammer! + jump packs
( 350 pts)

 3 x Assault Squad of 5 marines with this in the squad:
1x melta 1x Sergeant with power fist

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad 3 bikers:
2x melta + power fist

Baal predator
flamestorm cannon + heavy flamers  (140pts)

Heavy Support:
Devastator squad:
5 marines: 4x missile launcher

Twin- linked Lascannon + Both side sponsons lascannons)
(180 pts)

Total of 1745pts! So that means I think I have nice list :)

Nevermind this. I'm the Doctor! Totaly awesome!

Painting update + modeling

So, I decide a little paint update:

First Kharn the betrayer: He is still WIP and will most likely be added to the Chaos Marine List for my Nurgle Angels. Aka the dude who will lead the khorne bezerker/ Death company.
Blood for the Blood God!!
Chaplain of the Nurgle Angels:
This fellow will lead the Khorne Bezerker/ Death Company in the Blood Angels list. So I'm gonna be updating also this one next week. Hope you'll like it:
He will have the same robes as Death Company of Angels Sanguine. People guess they have robes to outstand them.
Biker one is up!
This means I have my first fast attack up! Ooh wait lol? Blood Angels and fast attack!?
 So I'm still not sure about the head. I thinking one of the head of Sanguairy Guard. Gonna let my girlfriend decide tomorrow.

Nurgle symbol on the back

My sergants for my Chaos list. Think I'm gonna use the Khorne dude also in my Blood Angel list. He just looks cool with a pointy finger.
Nurgle left Khorne Right

woensdag 30 maart 2011

Tale of 40 Gamers 2011

So my local gamestore has a painting challenge coming up! 250points every month. And this for 7 months long! Would this mean I have something to force me to do my Nurgle Angels?
Indeed I have! Starting this april I have to paint 250points every month. This means I have to get 1750point army list for my Nurgle Angels! Meaning I have to think where to put 750points extra?
A Predator? Rhino? Land Raider? Kharne? Vindicator...

Baal Predator?
Death Company Dreadnought?

Time to get some updated army list out then!

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Little thinking

So last saturday it was paganfest! That means I got to go Antwerp! For some folk metal!!
Was a great afternoon/night. Only sad thing was this weekend the hour changed! Bah!

But next weekend it is Grey Knights release! On my way to my girlfriend and on the way back if read the new White dwarf! And I must say... They look marvelous! But I can't make them yet! I have to wait till saturday and till i get some magnets! Gonna magnetize all the arms. Cause there like 8 arms on the sprue! So that means I maybe can make alot more units out of one unit! Aight!! But first the magnets! Got a box grey knights and a codex kept away for me. This means! My new personal Emperor Champion! You know the sword with a nurgle head on? Will prepare that sword for my Champion! Also the daemon head would look kinda nice as a trophy or something!

l will try to put magnets on the heavy weapons also. So I can make a heavy support squad and a purfier squad! Since Castellan Crowe is on my want list for models. I'm gonna fix a list around him.
And I'm also playing World Of Warcraft again! My eggfriends are abit sad because I joined the Alliance side and switch server. But no worries! My Shaman will be level 85 also! This means some slacking in writing maybe. But I will keep to try and post enough fun stuff!

donderdag 24 maart 2011

Bunker By Girlfriend

Last year before summer I got a little gift from my girlfriend! It was an nice made bunker from the Rulebook.
Pics show below with the orks + Space wolf I painted for her.

dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Dark Eldar List!

So my famous Dark Eldar List!
I let my girlfriend decide which wych cult it would be. She picked: "The Blade Denied". A purple Armor with some black + pink hair! That's so girly! I think it fits the Dark Eldar perfectly! So this means a (almost full) female Dark Eldar army! Lelith Hesperax of my Dark Eldar will be: Varna Linka! A purple headed Dark Eldar Chick who is followed by her Blood Brides!!

HQ: Lelith Hesperax (Varna Linka) 175pts
Elites: 9 Blood Brides with Razorfails, Hydra Gauntlets, Shardnet + Implar, 1 Syrenupgrade with Agoniser.

All together in a Raider of course. Makes 402pts! Blood Brides will be painted in White Armour with green hair and some blood stains on there white armour. To resemble there Blood Bride.

Then 2 squads as the following:
10 Wyches with Razorfails, Hydra Gauntlets, Shardnet + Implar. (Two of the three. Can't decide yet)
1 Hekatrix upgrade with agoniser. All in a Raider of course.
420 pts.
Normal painting sheme of the cult. Pink hair, purple armor with some black.

Also I take one Ravager. Just to have some Fire power! Dark lances are the best anti tank weapon! 105pts so worth it.

Then I have 73 points left.
Thats leaves space open for: 3 Reavers or 5 hellions.
The Reavers make my list 997 pts. The Hellions 1007pts.

There weapon gives one extra attack and a extra strength. So I made my choice!
Total: 1007pts.
There you go. A nice and fun list of Dark Eldar Wych Cult. The Blade Denied!

Light box

So I built my light box as an example of this. And got the background from here.
The end result:
Light box
So I took it to his test today. And I must say! My pics came better out then I thought!

maandag 21 maart 2011

Some Models painted

First before I  post anything:
My painting skill isn't the best! + My camera fails alot!Maybe tomorrow if I have the courage I will try and built a Lightbox!
This on was very fun to paint. Tried some rust effects and I personally feel they went really good.
Nurgle Icon Symbol

My First go on a half scheme. Also tried the lenses glowing. I think maybe next time a bit more layering would be good.
Angels Sanguine
Black Templars for the Libarium Painting Challenge. Also some freehand on the capes. It can"t be seen. Need to get better pics. And on the helmets. Which can be seen on the Sergant + power fist. Did my first powerweapon glow on him!
"Sergant" And power fist

Tonight I'm painting Up my chaplian dude for my Angels Sanguine Death Company Squad and also coated my Kharn The Betrayer red. Gonna go and get some stuff to built myself a Lightbox. Also a small Dark Eldar + maybe Grey Knights lists tonight? If I find the time!

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Dark Eldar + Grey Knights

A fast blog. Just to let you guys/gals now what I'm going to do.
First visited Gant with my girlfriend (schoolwork) and a trip down to the Games Workshop there for my a look at the Grey Knights Codex + Models! Maybe buy a single metal figure. The dude who can make Purifiers troop choice looks awesome! Expect a Purifier army list when I got the codex! (Hehe)
Also on the train I will try to make a little Dark Eldar list with Lelith and lots of wyches in it!
Untill sunday with the list!
Now back to work!
Castellan Garran Crowe

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Chaos Army List

So this would be the Chaos Army List if I would be playing Chaos with my Nurgle Angels:

Kharn the betrayer (his a fucking beast!) 165 pts

7 Khorne Bezerkers 147pts (+ kharn makes the holy number)
Both in a rhino Total of 347pts

7 Plague marines. Cause you need those hard sick dudes!
Power fist (champion) 2x melta (221pts)
Rhino => 256 pts
Two times such a squad makes :512 pts

So how do we fill this up?
I know it! We do the cool count as obliterator clut from Dan the Deamon!
All credit goes to Dan the Deamon

Obliterator clut x 2 (150pts)
Total of: 1009 points.
For a friendly battle this isn't big of a problem so I think is gonna be fun!
So this would mean 3 extra rhino's just for my Nurgle Angels? Will if been thinking why don't i use magnets?
I could magnet a Rhino so it could be a predator, razorback or vindicator? + I can use magnets on the doors or some places to add some icon on it. Like for example a nurgle symbol, the blood angel drop, black templar cross,... And I would be able to use one thank for like 3 armies! I think it is time to go and buy some magnets! Most likey I will try this also on the arms. So I would be able to switch weapons and stuff.

Blood Angels List: 22 marines + 3 bikers 0 Transport
Chaos Marine List: 26 marines (Obliterators like Dan the deamon) 3 transports

I'm allready trying out the Angels Sanguine colors. And painting a Nurgle Icon.
Will post some pics tomorrow.

maandag 14 maart 2011

Blood Angel Army List

Lets hop on the Blood Angel wagon!

Not just the normal Blood Angels! No! The Dornian Heresy Inspired ones!
(all credits for Dornian Heresy goes to the people of Bolter and Chainsword)
Short said its the alternative story of 40k as we know it. Dorn betrays the emperor just like Russ, Sanguis, Cortaz, etc.
Space Wolves become Khorne Wolves.
White Scars are Slaanesh
Raven guard are mutants thanks to fabilus bale and they follow Tzeenth.
And last but not least. The Nurgle one goes to the Blood Angels. So my first guess was to mix out space wolve/khorne  + blood angel/ nurle. Flesh Tearers are the perfect ones to go with. Death Company could go Khorne aswell. But nope. I'm doing Angels Sanguine the Nurgle side of the warp!
Every backpack is gonna be with a magnet in it. So just like every marine. Also the vehicles will most like be full with magnets. So that i can change a vindicator into a rhino or predator. Will see how this goes!
But with horns! Some plague on the feet maybe?

Gonna start with a small 1000point list:

Reclusiarch: + jumpack, bolt pistol (155pts)
Joins my Death Company

1 Sanguiary Priest + jump pack

Death Company: 5 marines with power weapon, power fist and thunderhammer! + jump packs
( 245 pts)
2 x Assault Squad of 5 marines with this in the squad:

1x melta
1x Sergeant with power fist

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad 3 bikers:
2x melta + combi melta
 Heavy Support:
Devastator squad:
5 marines: 4x missile launcher

Thats a total of 995 points.

And here is the HQ of the future army:

Maybe some demonic wing instead of jump pack. Will see

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

First blog

So this is my first blog!

Its a bit of prepartion for tommorow! I'm going to the Club Championships 40k 2011 in Kessel Lo Belgium!
With my Black Templars. A 1750 point list. As  I see it now I'm going to face alot of Orks + Chaos Space Marines! I fear that I have to be ready for a lot of dice to be rolled. So hopefully the D6 are with me!

Black Templar 1750 point list:
Emperor champion Dante
Vow => Accepts Any Challange no matter the odds
140 points


Land Raider Crusader
Smoke Launchers
268 points

Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad:
totaal 3 Lighting Claws/ 4 Thunder Hammers
280 points

items bij
Twinlinked lascannon
125 points
Drop pod

Squad 1 & 2
Rhino with smoke launcher + extra armour (58 points)
Space Marines
Space Marines items

Melta gun
231 points

Squad 3:
Rhino with smoke launcher + extra armour (58 points)
Space Marines
Space Marines items

Melta gun
221 points

Heavy Flamer

Total 1748 points!
So alot of people would be like! Why didn't you update you're list before? Well first because I didn't had the time to update it. There should be alot of more Land speeders + Typhoon launcher. And a squad of terminators with 2x Cyclone Missile Launchers. Or a few Vindicators!

But I got a good feeling I will (hopefully) do it allright. The big adivce I got from the people i play against was: "Be more agressive! You don't need to defend! (I will think about in the last turn. If i got there.) Go and kill some xenos/marines! And use the LRC with 2 rhino's! This as a big spear tip. Pew! Pew! Pew! 
In front my terminators in there LRC of course. And next to that the rhino's. Hope everything will work out!
Also I'm gonna drop my drop pod in a building alone. And leave the dreadnought to kill some tanks with his lascannon. So wish me the best of luck! 

May the force of the dice be with me tommorow!