maandag 27 juni 2011

Chaos Expansion!?

So with the storms of magic out now. I saw the Chaos Lord on Manticore model. And I must say. Doesn't this guy scream to be  a chaos wolf? A Count as Canis Wolfborn to be honest! And then the rest of the Wolf Guard on a Juggernaut. Damn the idea alone makes me wanna buy the models!

Image from Games Workshop
And also looking at those Thousands Suns:
Image from daemonclaw
They would fit in a Black Legion warband for sure! But I will wait until the 6th Edition of 40k will come out next year. (If it comes out then!) And with Chaos Legions as the first codex?! Damn right I'm going chaos!
Hmm I just can't wait to see what kind of plastic Chaos marines there will be. New Khorne Bezerkers? Of course: Plastic Nurgle Marines, Noise Marines and Thousand Suns! I wish I could time travel!

Storms Of Magic brings also very nice terrain! The Magewarth Throne could be awesome to use for a Chaos Lord  his Throne! Yes indeed I'm thinking about a display board! I need to fix me one for my Black Templars aswell... And the tale of this month will be one Libby, 5 Nurgle Angels and one Devastator marine with heavy bolter.
Image from Games Workshop

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Release Dates: July - December + 2012 guess

So I InHuman-BitZ-Box an online store from French posted a release date guess on his french facebook. Which can be found here . I translated the important stuff into english. I'm not 100% sure about if anything is true. It are just rumours!

Image from Games Workshop
  • July : Storms of Magic => Book + Figures!
  • August: Necrons => codex + Figures / finecast 2nd release
  • September: Vampire Counts + Beastmen => New Figures / Bretonnia? / Battle Fleet Gothic?
  • October: Ogre Kingdom => Book + Figures
  • November: Sisters of Battle => Codex? If not in the White Dwarf! + figures
  • December: ?? nothing I think
And let not forget the Summer of Flyers!!

  • January 2012 => Tau!?
  • February 2012 => ??2
  • 2012 =>  Black Templar? Chaos Space Marine? Eldar? Warhammer 40 Edition 6?
Image from Games Workshop
  • the first real 6th edition codex: Codex Chaos Legions, really big release in three waves, doesn’t invalidate Codex Chaos Space Marines which gets extensive White Dwarf update as Codex Renegade Space Marines
  • Two starter sets, each with rules, dices, movement markers, mission booklet, one with Dark Angels and fitting scenery, the other with Black Legion and Chaos scenery. You can combine both to play the campaign or use one set alone to play a selection of dumbed down scenarios against every other force, first starter set that comes with a model for a well established special character 
  •  All codexes since Codex Tyranids were written with the new rules in mind, especially the new mission and reserve structure

40k games round up

So who else remembers the first Dawn of War game? A Real Time Strategy game that made lots of people start 40k! It also made me start the hobby.

The above video just makes you wanna kill some orks doesn't it?

The first Dawn of war gave us: Orks, Space Marine, Chaos Space Marines and Eldar
Then we got Dawn of War: Winter Assault, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Dawn of War: Soul Storm.
  • Winter Assault brought: Imperial Guard
  • Dark Crusade: Tau Empire and Necrons
  • Soul Storm: Witch Hunters and Dark Eldar
Then came Dawn of War 2!

This game gave us the Tyranids! Eldar, Space Marines and Orcs to play with.
After that it was Chaos Rising! And of course that brought Chaos Marines in the game.
Retribution was on us after the chaos rised. You could play then Imperial Guard.

All these games where nice and gave a great feeling about the war that went on in the 40k universe!

Warhammer 40.000 Dark Millennium Online!
The massive multi online role playing game! The same thing like World Of Warcraft only this is in the 40k universe. Awesome right? Maybe you can play a Ork, a Templar or a khorne Bezerker? Let the video speak for it self:

Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine:
The game lets you be a Space Marine! You have to kill orks, Chaos and maybe tyranids?
I'm really waiting for this game. It would be awesome if they would make it also on the Wii.
Can you see yourself swing with the controller against a bunch of orks?  Lovely idea!

Yes I have forgot the Warhammer Age Of Recoking online game, the fantasy RTS games. But thats not my kind of thing. I like 40k! And I'm about 90% sure I will stay playing, painting, converting 40k figures for a long time!

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Favourite Mini

As Warflake40knoob is making a contest for his followers I joined the idea. "Make a post of your Favo model you have." The link of the post can be found here.
Currently my favourite Mini is this one:

Because he has 2 close hand combat weapons? Well maybe a bit yeah. The axe is made out of Space Wolves Frost Axe. The legs from Dark Angels upgrade box, Torso, chainsword and Head are from Chaos Space Marine box. The Shoulderpads + Jump pack are from the Death Company Squad. He is also one of the first Nurgle Angels I made so that makes him abit my favourite.
He joins his brothers in battle as a blood manic! I still have to make 2 other brother for him to complete the squad. Maybe an extra shooty bastard so they can team up.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: Work in Progress

So I made this weekend my Libby's for my Nurgle Angels. Also 2 squads of 5men. Another squad I didn't take pics of yet. But they all have the same Chaos Warrior helmet. But now the pics!

Libby 1
Libby 2
Yes the right one doesn't has a helmet. He's a Khorne Wolve!
Scale Pic

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: List change!

Last night I got killed again by guardsmen and there tanks. Even against orks I'm having problems.
Time for a different approach
No more of this! Thats why I'm changing my list (again)! I'm scrapping Dante and his guard, Lemartes is scrapped also! I'm adding 2 librarians in replacement, a stormraven. This gonna be a big black/red bird. How is going to carry my Death company and there babysit (a normal chaplian) to the battle! Also instead of 2 priest I'm going for 3 priest! And extra Assault squad!
That makes my 1750 list something like that:
  • 2 Libarians with jump packs
  • 3 Sanguiary Priests with jump packs and power swords
  • 1 Chaplain 
  • 1 Stormraven
  • 9 Death Company with Power fist, Power weapon and Thunderhammer
  • 3 squads of 10men with 2x Meltagun and Powerfist on the sergant
Yes you've read it good!Death Company on foot. With the Stormraven if will haven them dropped close to the enemy. And so I can still make use of them. I could put in extra dreadnought! But thats maybe for my 2000pts list? Atleast I think that! Libby will give cover saves. This should work better! I hope! 45 marines to kill! 10 foot slogging. Lets pray next month I get my first winning point in the Tale!

Santa Cruz Warhammer Death Company painted for Heroes of Armageddon

donderdag 16 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: Rust shemes

So I missed a few moments with the Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine Painter.
I made up this for my Priests:
The legs being rusty because the travel like hell to get enough blood and gene seed!
The rest of the armor I got the advice from someone at my local game store to do it red/Black.
For the Sanguairy Guard I would like to test this on them:
Getting from this tutorial. So what to do?

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: Rust test figure

So yesterday I tried out a rusty look on a marine. He is one of the marines I made for fun.
Heavy bolter with a little conversion on the weapon. A dragonhead from the chaos vehicle upgrade sprue. This would be the look I would go for my Sanguairy Guard, Priests and Dante.
About the helmet eyes I'm not so sure.
I followed the rusted part metal from the tutorial made by Kaptirowski. Which he used on his Death Guard. Tutorial can be found here

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

The Blood Wolves on Games Workshop blog

Like most of you I saw the Blood Wolves from Christian Byrne on the Games Workshop Blog yesterday. A renegade chapter themed around Space Wolves an Chaos Marines? And they worship khorne? Sounds much like the Khorne Wolves! Time take a closer look at this army.
This is of course something where most players are gonna scream "HERESY!" about. But his army is very nice looking! I'm not gonna post the same things as posted here.

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne
Blood Wolves1500pts army list:
  • 2 drop pods,
  • 1 land raider, 
  • 2 wolf guard terminators with Cyclone Missle Launchers
  • 1 wolf lord / count as Logan Grimnar
  • 1 lone wolf with storm shield + thunderhammer
  • 1 Rune priest
  • 1 squad of 7 blood claws ( I think) with one wolf guard terminator. Ride in drop pod
  • 1 squad of 6 blood claws joined with a rune priest and wolf guard terminator. Ride in drop pod
  • 1 squad of 8 wolf guard joined by wolf lord/ Logan Grimnar. Ride in Land Raider 

His Logan Grimnar / wolf lord is nice. But I would have gone a bit more chaos like so he would really stand out. Now he looks a bit more like his Wolf Guards. But the only difference is the khorne icon above his head..
Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne
 His Lone Wolf and Rune Priest are very nicely done. The swap of back pack with his rune priest is also a nice touch. His Lone Wolf speaks more to me. Because of the Khorne icon on the shield and the Thunder Hammer. Taken from the Chaos Champion from fantasy.

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne
His troops are also awesome built. The Blood Wolves with mark of the Wulfen are made out of Possed Chaos Marines bitz. Which is nicely found! Got to keep that idea in mind. They are also not equiped with any melta. But with Close Combat weapons. I see one with a Frost Axe. Maybe he lets the Wulfen there hands be Power fists? I can't say for sure. I know the only thing is that he did a great job!

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne
His painting methode can also be found on the blog of Games Workshop here.
Next up is his Land Raider and Drop pods! As you can see at the picture atop of this article. On his Drop pod he used a banner pole marking. Also on his transports you can see the Marauders Shields.

Image from Games Workshop, painted by Christian Byrne

His freehand is outstanding! Which can also be seen on his other Chaos Space Marine army. Found here. As you can see on the big above the door has a freehand of a wolf with a bloody mouth.

This looks like a fun army to play and it also gave me a few more idea's for my own Khorne Wolves one day! I've got one thing to say. Keep up the good work Christian Byrne!

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Fluff is it important?

Yes of course it is! It is the reason you start an army in the first place! Or it is just because you like the look of special marine? For example when I saw the Black Templars on Bolter and Chainsword I was sold! Tabards, chainswords and bolt pistols,... All together fighting to purge the unclean and kill the heretic!?  Just look at the pic below? After reading Hellsreach I felt more zealous then ever before. That book made me want to kill some orcs!

Black Templars by Ron, From the Warp
Of course you can write the fluff for your army all by yourself. Which I did for my Templars!
The Aurum Crusade is the crusade against Alpha Legion and World Eaters. It was an force greater then anything ever seen. So Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars united to defeat them! Because the slaughtering made daemons appear. The Grey Knights came to help their brothers.
The reason I let the Blood Angels and Space Wolves "help" is because this is my way of making a squad unique. One squad has wolf pets cause they aid the Space Wolves and another got Blood Angels stuff.

Gameswork Shop

But how does Games Workshop work this in the codex? Well they take a few big fights and jam them in the codex. That sometimes is enough for a player to get going! Or it could be just the look of the army that makes the player wanna go all Waagh or heretic! But the fluff! The idea of not knowing what is behind the Angels Sanguine their helmets or the hate against pyshic powers in the Space Wolves codex. The slaughter of the Tyranids against the Ultramarines their homeplanet.... Those are all reasons to just make that army!

Gameswork Shop

The entire fluff of the 40k Universe? Is it important? Of course it is!? Without it we would be nothing. Their wouldn't be any armies at all! There wouldn't be any hobby to begin with...
Now for example what if 40k was 50k? And for example the Blood Angels where all gone! And that Abaddon conquers Terra? That 40k goes to 50k is more likely to happen then that easterday is on thursday. No, for example what if it was Dorn who betrayed the emperor? (See the Dornian heresy for what would happen) Or that the lost primarchs where found? It would (have) change(d) everything!

Black Library

The Horus Heresy and Black Library! How much people did not enjoy the books? Alot of folks did!
It is also the reason why there are some 30k / heresy Armies! Like a Son Of Horus legion or an Emperor Childern army. Like I said first the story in the book makes you wanna start an army. I myself wanted to paint Lucius and Typhus after reading the books about their Legion.

Is fluff important? Yes it is!
- It is the key point to maybe start an army!
- It is the part you read when you get a new codex!?
- Its something you write for your own army
- Its is a reason to paint some new models
- Make just one squad of that army to honor them
- ....

maandag 6 juni 2011

Nurgle Angels: Nurgle how to do?

So I have been thinking. How should I do my other squads? Like my Sanguiary Guard? How do I paint them? Normal Gold? Or just rusty? Here are a few options I wanna share with you guys.

Rusty like this?
Or a squad totally green like this but then with alot of Angel icons on them:
Or some plague stuff like this:
A squad of those is also a easy but expensive way:
I'm kinda lost so maybe some one can help me out?
I'm thinking:
  • Sanguiary Guard: Rusty metal look.
  • Vanguard Squad: A mix of forgeworld stuff
  • Sanguiary Priest: Also a rusty look.
  • Dante: Also a rusty look?
  • One squad totally with nurgle gifts.
What you think?