Nurgle Angels

The Nurgle Angels are the Blood Angels in the Dornian Heresy.
A twisted alternate timeline in which Warmaster Horus was able to cast off the daemonic influences that sought to possess him, and where the Ruinous Powers were instead forced to corrupt Rogal Dorn to overthrow the Emperor. The Dornian Heresy is the tale of an alternate universe where choices, sometimes large, sometimes small, have led to the familiar primarchs and legions meeting very different fates...

So thats where I choice the Blood Angels as my new army. The idea of a chaos looking army using the rules of Blood Angels has been done a few time. With Night Lords most of the time. But with a Alternate universe where the Angels are going Chaos? That I just couldn't resist! So I made them Angels Sanguine Warband!
So I have been working a while on this army. And since a week or two it's for 99% done!
I've played with them on Challenge 6 and they looked good the table. Lucky for me no one has had a problem with the way they looked. I have chosen to make them the Warband Angels Sanguine.
So I could just give them all helmets! linky link for the mini codex!

Hope you enjoy this post!! Have fun reading and watching :)

The Angels Sanguine are lead by Danpestis and his Sanguinary Guard. He sometimes just keeps on board because he enjoys the few of his Angels going rampage on a planet. His Sanguinary Guard is painted in different colors. This is because they are unique in every way of killing and slaughtering. Danpestis his warband is the one with the best Ritemasters. This is because he ordered his Angels to not kill the techmarines of the Imperial Legion. So that they can be used in building and maintaining the technology. For example one squad of 5 Angels got Grey Knight Teleporters modified thanks to them.

Librarian Yersinia  and Librarian Pasteurella are the two Angels second in command. They make sure Danpestis makes the right choice to  assault a cargo ship or not. They also guide and protect the marines in combat. Thanks to their psychic powers they have made sure that the Angels Sanguine had many victories. They have been gifted by Nurgle with wings and they used their power to represent the colors of the war band on the wings.

Librarian Yersinia
Librarian Pasteurella

Chaplain Cheopis guides the Death Company or the so called Lost in battle. This he does to keep them in line. So that they can be used as maximum power to kill and destroy the enemy. Sometimes they even slaughter animals just for fun. Nothing can stand in their way to kill and feast on blood. Their brains have been rotten by the Nurgle Gift and they are without difficulty seen on the battlefield because of the dark red robes they have been given by the Sanguinary Priests.

Sanguinary priest Buboes and Sanguinary priest Gavocciolos are the harvesters of blood and body parts useful for them to help their brethren up to keep the sickness down of Nurgle infestation.
Without the Sanguinary Priests of the Apothecarion to hold the Black Rage at bay, the Blood Angels would rapidly descend into little better than mindless beasts.

Rite Masters:
The Rite Masters are the “techmarines” of the Nurgle Angels. They make sure that the fleets keep flying and fixing the vehicles they have looted.  The Rite Masters are responsible for the legion's ships, armour and weapons. Much of the technical knowledge for proper maintenance was lost during Sanguinius's bloody reformation of the original legion, and that which survived was useless in the face of Nurgle's corrosive influence. Instead the Rite Masters use their sorcery to bind and compel the myriad daemonic entities that inhabit everything from the plague ships, to their vehicles and even the armour they wear.

Storm Raven Black Death
Is a stolen airship from the Thousands Suns. Icons have been removed, it has been repainted and is now used to drop Cheopis and his Lost Company in the battle. This together with the Dreadnought Siphona makes a fearsome combination. Thanks to the Rite Masters this thing keeps coming back and forward.

Dreadnought Siphona:
This marine has been in his catacomb thanks to the Ritemasters. Why did they try to put him in a dreadnought? They saw this been done by the Black Templars.  Danpestis couldn’t find any other argument to try this also. So was brother Siphona chosen to be place inside a looted dreadnought. With the above result as effect…

Land Speeder  Justinianic and Land Speeder Bubonic
Are two looted land speeders from the Black Templars. This is because the Nurgle Angels don’t have the technology like they had in begin years of the Legion. Sanguinus removed every Terra Blood Angel by one his Baal tribe people.  Same with the Storm Raven Black Death. They are being held running by the Rite Masters.

Land Speeder Justinianic
Land Speeder Bubonic

Angels Sanguine Assault Marine Squads:
The Normal standard marine of a Angels Sanguine Warband looks like this:

You can see the same colors coming back. Dark Red and Black. They are recognizable by the different kind of colored markings on their shoulder pads.
First of we got Combat Squad Horny Alpha Sick and Beta Sick both leaders of this squads have been recorded to be seen with horns sticking outside their helmets. Is this because they travel through the warp with the Chaos gods on their side? How knows…

Horny Alpha Sick

Horny Beta Sick

Plague One and Plague two are both easy to spot because they are the only squad to show the Nurgle Gifts outside their armor.

Plague One

Plague Two

The next two Squads are ones we can’t find a real name for. The Squad with the teleporters we call Tely One. For sure the Angels Sanguine must have more of these things in the making. The other Squad calls for now Angel One. Possibly more these squads are on the fleets being drilled.

Tely One
Angel One

Work in progress!
Sanguiry Guard