donderdag 13 november 2014

Battle for Signus Prime I

So with the extra long weekend I'm Belgium if been slacking a bit with posting.

Lets not forget the 11th November
First there was Saturday a tournament Battle for Signus Prime I. In my eyes I did good. First battle a win against Chaos Daemons with 32 Warp Charges. I feared this but in the end I played it smarter. I had some turns lucky with dispelling a lot his powers. He didn’t tried sometimes because I had 4-5 success and no perils! Got first blood by killing bloodcrushers he summoned. It went back and forth. He did summon a lot of stuff witch gave me killpoints. In the end it was 17-3 for me. 

Daemon vs Daemons
Onwards to round 2! This was a match up against Chaos Space Marines, luckily I know this codex. And maybe I got my hopes up to much. Like when I try to assault Maulerfiends and Spawn and he saves all his penetrating hits and glancing hits. Damned there goes first blood and my battle. It would have change a lot but still I got wiped by that…. 18-2 For Cedric who did a great battle. 
Why to close those guys!

Third battle was against Jungkoo, who I know from all the doubles he organized in Sint Niklaas. First time playing against Jungkoo. Which was a lot of fun. First it looked like I was gonna win it easy. Then things kinda turned. I failed to focus on all his wave serpents. Next time they are my primair target. I got lucky he did lock my screamer star with one of his Wraithknight. The game ended with one his wraithknight taking the relic and then moving around so I couldn’t grab it… Damned! 13 – 7 for Jungkoo.
Trying to take the relic

I visited the Ijzer Toren Sunday to remember the ending of World War I. Afterwards we went to a German Cemetery. Which was a bit weird to see. Gravestones flat on the  ground. Sadly some parents don’t teach their kids proper and one kid was running over them. I almost slapped the kid when he picked up a poppy and ran away with it…. *sigh*

Monday and Tuesday where painting days. So I finished two squad of Daemonettes and a Herald.

Orange Daemonettes
Herald of Tzeentch

Purple Daemonettes
Next up are these guys!

maandag 3 november 2014

Crisis 2014

Every year in Antwerp there is the Crisis! An event hold by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp, T.S.A for short and every year it’s fun to go there!

The Line to get in!

Like always there are some amazing gaming tables there. And they can win a price also!

It also is a great place to get terrain idea's!

Look the figures!
Go go climb the hill!
And not to forgert the loot of course!
12 old school (sexy daemonettes) & Lord Of Change
Epic Lord of Change (will make a great herald of tzeentch) and a Herald of Slaanesh
B'elakor and old School Chaos Space Marine Codex
At my girlfriends old home they have a new kitten. Fiep!

Little ball of fur