vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Future Army Idea's

So what will be my army after my 1750pts Nurgle angels? A few more marines for my Black Templars or maybe a few Nurgle Angel Dreadnought? Death Company Land Raider? Kinda have no idea. Will see in Octobor. Now I have enough marines order and stuff laying around to built myself a good "Descent Of Angels" army. 2rhino's extra from the battleforce. These will be used in my Chaos Marine List. And maybe in a variant of my Nurgle Angels. Gonna built them up till around 2500points maybe. With magnets this will be easy.
What about my Dark Eldar? I don't know! I have a 1000pts list up. Which looks fun to play. But with the price increase I will be more likely gonna think more battleforce and more marine. Because I like them the most of the 40k universe. I've also started built a Space Wolve figure and maybe that will be a kill team list? Will see! In Chaos Marine List I could included the Khorne Wolves from Dornian Heresy. Hmm so much choices!

The reason why I would do a Count as Khorne Wolves Wing
But what with my loyal Black Templars? Would It be wise to update them up? The FAQ is cool but they yeah... with maybe a codex release in january? Think I'm gonna wait a few months. To be more sure about the rumours. I have my work with the Nurgle Angels.
A box of Grey Knight also awaits build proces. So does a Terminator Chaplian, my entire Space Hulk, Kharn, Typhus and Lelith await painting! 5 horsemen of Abaddon is an idea I would like to built. All 4 chaos gods + Undivided on a daemonic mount.
Deer god I need more time! Or just vacation!
Grants you more time
Future Armies:
- Nurgle Angels
- Space/Khorne Wolves Egg gang
- Horsemen of Abaddon
- Grey Knight box built and painted
- Space Hulk box
- Black Templar update! (if not released before Q1 2012)

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