woensdag 11 mei 2011

New Dark Eldar release

So I was on facebook and saw the post of games workshop.
With the new Dark Eldar. Battleforce is cheaper then the other ones? Feels a bit wierd right?
Here are the new figures:
Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine

Dark Eldar Cronos Parasite Engine

Dark Eldar Venom

Dark Eldar Scourges
They look awesome! The Talos and just look like they are daemons. I suspect lots of daemon players converting these figures. The Venom is a fun looking small thingy. But the Scourges! Oooh boy ooh boy! They have wings! Thats like I will use them on my Nurgle Angels! Now just a release date and we are good to go!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine vindt Jonas heel erg leuk!

  2. i to noticed that the price difference in the battle forces. it realy does feal weird, they are nice models but as always about 25% to expencive

  3. well you can also buy them on totalwargamer.
    there they are 25% cheaper!
    and both the talos + cronos can be made out of one set