maandag 31 oktober 2011

Necrons are back!!

Necrons are back! Prepare to be harvest!
Image from Games Workshop
Kinda think Games Workshop did a great thing bringing them back on the halloween weekend.
And damn do they look nice!? Sure they do! Gonna buy the codex and wait a month or two before doing a kill team with those guys. Gonna be a pain in the ass of you ask me to kill those new codex necrons. I had a hard time with my Black Templars against them. Kinda fear now I'm gonna get eaten by them now...
But still! They did a great thing about the models and vehicles for the Necrons
Image from Games Workshop
Just look at that Ghost Ark! Damn.. Just think what they will do to Tau  and Chaos Legions next? Better should start saving money!! I'm also sure that my kill team will be around these guys. The Triarch Praetorians.
Image from Games Workshop
And that together with Imotekh the Storm Lord
They do look awesome together in the screenshot Games Workshop has on the frontpage!
That it is for now. Gonna see a movie now! How knows a scary one?!
Happy Halloween!!

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Chaos Wolves idea's

So I’ve been thinking about the Khorne wolves for a long time. I’m using the kill team as a excuses to start a extra addition for my Nurgle Angels. A Chaos Warband as I should say. Cause when Chaos Legions comes out. I just have to built some Chaos Marines. And ready I am! I’m also building some models for fun at the moment. Like my count as Obliterators. Are mostly built but not built with missile launchers. Only have one with a missile launcher. I should make 3 more. But I have been slacking alot! But I can show you the Long Fang Squad Leader or the Devastator sergant for my Nurgle Angels. I'm keeping the rusty look for all my "Heavy support guys" Only the melta's get a normal treatment of colors. In both the Nurgle Angels as in the Chaos Wolves army.


I have also taking some pics of the Kill Team Squad. They are based now!
Kill Team All Together
I’m thinking about doing snow base for the rest of the team like this Easy Snow Base - From The Warp. This would be if we go to 500pts of Kill Team. I'm thinking a bit of a look like this:
Picture Taken and Miniature Painted by jimmimellows
I have also been building some extra Chaos Wolves!
Wulfen/Possed/ Wolf Guard with Power Fist? You name it! Back pack and Chaos Hand magnite!
Normal Grey Hunter
Wolf Guard with Thunder Hander & Storm Shield

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Chaos Raptor screenshots

This gonna be a short post. Just some screenshots. So I tried the Chaos Raptor again last night and took some screenshots. Thanks to Da_Sub answering me on the previous post.

How I want him to look like
How he looks now
In game
Landing after a flight

Space Marine

It’s an awesome game! If only done the multiplayer so far. Got level 5 last night! Unlocked Blind Grenades. Muhahaha! Can you imagine the Chaos Raptor smashing down the ground and slashing a devastator? Did it last night! Down you go devastator! 

I’m still learning to play the multiplayer. Sometimes it’s great to run as a tactical marine, the other time a devastator got the upper hand or a Assault Marine maybe? I can say that a newbie I did had lots of troubles my first few games. The last few ones did go good, and felt really good at the end. One time I was 3rd Chaos Raptor RULES! Think I’m gonna model a figure like I play in game. Chainaxe + Plasma Pistol here I come!
Still have to test the campaign itself. But will come to that soon enough.  Did try to take screenshots of my Chaos Marines and Black Templars but it will be for tonight. Didn’t found the screenshot take thingy on steam. 

And a funny pic to end:

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Pictures time!

Like I sad last friday I promised pics on sunday! I did take them on sunday but didn't post them. Thats why I'm doing it now! Some friends where asking if I could join a fast dungeon run. So I did it fast. And then I was to lazy upload them. So here they are know!

First up my Tyranids from space hulk!

My 5 Sword Brethren for my Black Templars Army. Used Grey Knights, Blood Angels Death Company, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and of course Black Templars bits.

Also Started with my count as obliterator for my Chaos Army. Also they will be magnitzed to go for my Chaos Wolves and Nurgle Angels.

And also an Objective Marker for my Nurgle Angels. Think I'm gonna put this guy on the StormRaven base. Just for fun!

And of course! Now are my Kill Team Wolves!

Space Hulk Terminators Work In Progress!

Gifts For my work Collega's

And last but so important! My own copy of Space Marine! Can't wait to get my own Chaos Marine in the Nurgle Angels / Chaos Wolves Colors. And of course the Normal Marines will be Black Templars!

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Last week

So what did I do the last week?
Well I started painting my work gift! And also built 5 sword brethren for my Black Templars. Finally some heretic killing stuff! I'm still a heretic with my Nurgle Angels and my Khorne Wolves.
Start painting genestealers and terminators form Space Hulk! If been slacking on those models to much! Time for some painting! (pictures will be taken sunday! Will post a post full of photo's)
Also have the fluff for my kill team. Which is fun to paint!
Kill team fluff:
My missile launcher squad will be made of chaos wolves long fangs!
My Space Wolves are of a Company that went Renegade. Why they went Renegade ? Their Wolf Lord Wodan wanted to go deeper into the eye to look for Russ. They declared him mad and crazy but he did it anyway! After dozens of years he returned with his company. Unfortunately they changed because of their search for Russ and the consequences of Daemons and Chaos Marines fighting. Khorne whisperd Wodan in his ear and of the Rune Priests. This means that the other Space Wolves quickly followed. When they came out of the Eye they became Khorne worshipers fully ... In terms of technology, they are not behind any!. Thunder Wolves were soon replaced by a Bloodcrushers...

Prepare to see this in my kill team!
Image take from Dark Future Games

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Challenge 6!

So I went to the Challenge 6 in Roeselare last saturday.We where with only 3 players of the club. But we had a good / bad time. Steven has got the best time. Cause he got 3rd place and best painted army. Jasper also got very far in the tournament. And I did get defeated good... But I enjoyed the games I played! The first game was against Tyranids. Oooh boy! 2 Tervigons and 3 Trygons... The second After against Imperial Guard was the same problem as the first. Power Fist guy doesn't take save... And the Third battle against Orks? He got 4 x 30 orks as troops with him. So lets try to get through that? Nope not going to happen...
But I did enjoy my games. Was fun to play against other people! And I haven't taking much pictures of my army because the armies I was against with weren't fully painted. So bummer abit. Here are the pics!

Picture taken by Jasper
This is the board after the first turn... I've got like I said kicked aroung good by them. 6 wounds and Monster Creatures... Truely damn! I killed one Trygon still!
Picture taken by Jasper     
I do have to find a way to kill monster creatures... You know what else is really unlucky? If the only thing to kill a Monster or blow a tank u decides to die... The marine with the powerfist... On the next battle he also choice to do that...
Emo Vampires vs Space Vikings!   
Lets defened this crater guys! First Turn of imperial Guard! *zap*
Count As White Scars painted like Night Lords
Warmachine Lights!
6 D6 Rolled by Steven
Steven Checking a model, me drinking coffee
Best Painted Army - By Steven
 If you scrolled down below I have to say this also. Thanks for watching and reading! I'm also already thinking about adding a devastor Squad to create a Blood Hammer. But I do enjoy my Death Company!!