dinsdag 30 december 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 was a hell of year! 

Party hard!
In the middle of the year I slacked a bit... Don't shoot me

January I painted some grey knights

February painted a bunch of Nurgle Chosen
In march seems like I painted nothing. Only played a tournament and got Third place.
Then I slacked until August. And I raise from the death!! (normally you do that in october but I was a bit faster.
But I came back with a blast:
Imperial Guard Squads
Terminators from the past!
Going the daemon way
September I painted some big guys:

2 Maulerfiends
Heralds all the way!
Screamer star HQ
First batch of screamers!
October was a month never to forget.
I got engaged
Painted old school daemons
and some kick ass Teratons!
November was the month of not shaving your mustache
of Orange daemonettes
and even more daemonettes!
December was a relaxed month:
Nurgle Beasts!
More screamers!
Painted two units of Drones
Thanks for everyone reading the blog so far! And yeah I do know my english isn't allways great...
Only answer I have for that is:

And lets Run wild in 2015!!
Its gonna be a fantastic year! I just feel it!

woensdag 24 december 2014

Merry Christmas

 On Christmas Eve the gods of chaos gave me:

4 Beasts of Nurgle

3 Flamers of Tzeentch
2 Daemonettes of Slaanesh
1 Khorne Herald

Merry Christmas!

Also built those guys. Khorne Wolves go!

maandag 15 december 2014

Almost vacation time!

"I feel a disturbance in the force"

So I painted, built some models and I watched some movies last weekend! That means I got some stuff done! Also cooked a bit but that’s beyond the point.
I got the Blood Angels codex and damned! Sanguinary Priests aren’t like I hoped they would be. Knew there would be catch… Only Blood Angels units from the Codex can get the + 1 WS… Ooh well… I still think it would make good allies with Space Wolves… I would take Space Wolves as main then and Blood Angels as allies. 

“Chaos Twilight”
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf with Powers Fist and Stormshield  and the Wulfen Stone
Wolf Priest on a bike
2x Iron Priests on a Thunderwolf with 3 Cyborg Wolves.
2 units of 10 grey hunters.  1 rhino, (the other one gets a fast rhino from Blood Angels)
Fast Attack:
2x 5 Thunderwolves Cavalry. With a power fist or so in the in the unit.
Sanguinary Priests on a bike,
2 tactical squads in rhino’s
Fast Attack:
1 Rhino.

That’s the main thought. Its needs some tweaking but we will see where we go with it.Enough talk. Here come the pictures!

Plague Drones squad 1
Plague Drones squad 2
Beast of Nurgle
9 Screamers of Tzeentch
Kairos Discord Fateweaver

If you need to do an exorcism. You're welcome!

dinsdag 9 december 2014

Blood Angels

What can I say? Blood Angels got me excited until I’ve read the rumors…

Wooohoo! Was my first taught when I saw them on the White Dwarf

Really I’m disappointed games workshop! I had a shitload of marines with jump packs and I was hoping to have jumping marine army again. Well luckily I magnetized every single marine so I can swap between backpack & jump pack. 
  • Death Company is now elite as is DC dreadnought
    • Bah don't like this! Its gonna be crowded in there! (way to much in that slot)
  • Predator Baal is Heavy Support
    •  Sad about, but i'm ok with it. (I don't have any so I'm fine)
  • Librarian Dreadnought is HQ
  • Mephiston is HQ and IC
    • Guess who's gonna be field alot now (his gonna rule!)
  • Dante and Gabriel Seth are Lords of War
  • All units have now Furious Charge
    • Okay, can be promising (+1 S on the charge)
  • Only troop choices are Tactical squads and scouts.
    • Bloody hell! Lots of people cursing because of this... ME included!
    • The Jump pack armies where THE style of BLOOD ANGELS
  • Sanguinary Priests costs about the same as a Wyvern, are HQ, and units they joins get +1WS and FnP. The are IC btw
    • 65 points for this dude? Hopefully you can take them 1-3 again. They can take a bike so I predict we will see them alot in Biker armies
  • Vehicle Type Fast vehicles are: Rhinos, Razorbacks and Baal Predators. Standard Predators can buy the Fast upgrade.
    • Okay some things changed here. Vindicator not being fast, no more land raiders for everyone....
  • Detachment
    Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
    Optional: as usual, but 3 additional Elite (Total 4)
    Special rule: +1I when charging, all the army, any turn always on?
    • This!! Is gonna be fun!!
*sigh* Games Workshop what did you do?
I'll let the book decide if I'm gonna play the Angels again... I'll see sunday! Then the problem will be... Do I keep playing Nurgle Angels or go Black Templar upgrade style?

dinsdag 2 december 2014

Warpstorm & T-Day

If been quiet for some time, because I had no time to post and nothing special happened. 
I'm excited about Star Wars Episode VII, Blood Angels, my wedding,...

Yeah Sith Elsa

Only thing if been doing is magnetize my plague drones and did Warhammer 40k, 2 weekends in a row! One was Tournament and another was a Trainings day. Next Saturday theirs also a trainings day. From then on it relaxes a bit and I can help my mate renovate his house.

So Warpstorm 8! I remember when I went with Blood Angels all jump pack marines. Boy was that fun! This time I went with Chaos Daemons. Played a triple screamer army, fatey and a bunch of heralds. First game was against Kobe! With the same list as mine… So the battle was going to be decided who fails his grimoire roll. Guess who did that? Me of course!! So Kobe won the battle 16-8. Because it was a cat and mouse game. And since I failed my roll I had to move back and hide for a turn.
Next battle ended also real funny… It was against a classic bike marine army with a Knight. And you have to kill the two most expensive models. This ended with a draw… He had first blood, I got line breaker none of us had slay the world. Neither did we both kill each other most expensive models. So balls! Because he only had his command squad and his two models left… Ooh well it is a dice game! But I killed a knight! Moral Victory!

Third Game was against Necrons, 1 doomsytche, 2 nightsychtes with deathmarks, 2 Annibarges, ghosts’ arks... The standard Necron army now a days.  Every turn we could score points if we were close to an objective. I had first turn but he seized. Funny thing was he couldn’t reach me… he had placed his Barges out of range. So I moved and turbo boosted close to his Barges. The other part of my army scored points. Quickly I scored points like that. His flyers did came up together so that was a lucky thing for me. Battle ended bloody tough. He had killed my grimoire dude, so no more 2++. Still had a fun game but he couldn’t stop any psychic power so he was a bit bummed out and I felt  a bad. Maybe also because this was my first game I 24-0 someone.

Last trainings day was in Bruges and I started good ended badly First battle was against Jasper with his Orks. We played only 3 turns but with Orks what did you expect (just kidding). We did some things a new. I made some mistakes as did Jasper. We were there to learn so chill. They advised him to place his first ork unit in one big line across the board. So he did that. I killed 10 of the orks with flickering fire and the assaulted time. I moved my screamerstar in front of his nose. Because he couldn’t assault me. The game ended 9 -11 in Jasper his favor. If we played two more turns I would killed everything. Would have been 20-0 for me then.
Magnets baby!

I knew battle two would be a problem. I played against Marc; he had Imperial guard with lots of shots and templates! DAMN! So I got the advice of Tom A. to deploy my Fateweaver in on corner and spread out every herald in on the side of the board. That did work! Marc only killed 4 screamers or so in his shooting phase. I also rolled good tough… This battle was settled really quickly when Marc killed my grimoire dude and I started rolling bad. It’s a dice game! In it ended with 16-4 Marc. Only thing that would have changed the game was if he killed Fateweaver, which he did. So the game would end 17-3 in Marc his favor.

At the end of the post I want to honor my great grandmother on my dad’s side who would have been 96years old, yesterday, and my grandfather on my mother’s side who past away 6years ago today.