dinsdag 16 april 2013

12th Conflict

Sunday 14th april it was 12th conflict in Aarschot. The 12th time Team Conectr organized this tournament and I had another great time. The missions they had where the same. My army wasn't!
Last Time I brought Blood Angels this time it was Chaos Space Marines. Most likely I'm going to tour with Nurgle Angels for the next few years.  The first battle was against Chaos Daemons. First time I played against them. It was a fun battle, but we didn't get past the third turn the result was a draw. No problem for me. His flying monstrous creatures had just landed in my lines. I was glad the game was done.... I wasn't going to make it otherwise. Didn't do anything wrong here. Slaanesh daemons & screamers just are nasty. So are the flying monstrous creatures...

The winning Chaos Army
Nice view of the monsters
The troops
 After the lunch it was up against the archenemy of Grandfather Nurgle! Tzeetch Chaos Space Marines! The two parts that really made me sad was that my Great Unclean One was destroyed on deepstriking and my Chaos Lord turned into a Chaos Spawn... Was good battle nonetheless didn't do much of mistakes. Should have focused more on his squad of Thousand Suns and don't roll 1 on the deepstrike mishap table...

Space Wolf Terminators
Grey Knights
Grey Knight Terminators
My future Daemon Prince?
Last battle was against Wim (the person after Wobbly Model Syndrome). Last year the first battle was against him. Next year will meet half way? So this battle didn't turn out like I thought it would be. Made some errors and some scarifies. Like placing my Plaguebearers in front of this Carnifex unit. Something had to distract the fire! After that my Havoc luckily killed his Warlord. I didn't get first blood.  My damn rhino's keep giving that away. But still It brings them where the battle is and the lets plasma away! Or poison the Tervigon!  They did manage to get a wound of! In the end my lone plague marine survived the battle against his Zoanthrope.  And don't place the Helldrake with his rear facing the Carnifex all those twin linked shots!

Wim his Tyranids
Great Unclean One hiding behind Plaguebearers
Picture taken by  Wobbly Model Syndrome
My Helldrake
Picture take by  Wobbly Model Syndrome
The person who won the tournament was a Dutch guy playing with 3 Helldrakes, 3 Maulerfiends, 2 Hellbrutes with autocannons or lascannons, 2 units of plague marines in a Rhino, a Chaos Lord with Burning Brand, Aegis Defence Line and them some cultists to fill in the rest of the points.
Not so sure about the Maulerfiends. Hellbrutes maybe yes! I'm thinking about making a Daemon Prince with the Black Mace, Wings and Power Armour. Other than that, there is a going to be a second Helldrake in my list for sure this summer.
The Score

Also the last painting for the tournament list. I'm going to tour with this list for the next few times to see how it goes against other armies. But the second Helldrake and Daemon Prince are coming in the summer list for sure!
First 2 autocannon Havocs + squad leader
Last 2 autocannon Havocs + Lascannon
Old School Death Guard Flamer squad
Last 3 bikers
Great Unclean one
With that done its time for more focus on my schoolwork.

dinsdag 2 april 2013

It's been a while

So, it's been from february that I wrote something. I've been to two tournaments and one training day since that. The Green Knight Doubles Tournament was a succes as the guys from The Green Knight allways do a great job.
Blight Drone in action
Had some great but tough battles that day. Orcs & Necrons was versus the first battle. Second was against sister of battle with imperial guard. The final battle was Tau and Dark Angels, a weird but evil combo. Since Tau is getting a new codex, I will see them soon enough on the boards.

Than the Thunderbolts in Gent did a small tournament. which was fun but the rules changed during the game. The rules weren't all that clear.
It was their first 40k tournament, so no problem. Who knows how our tournament will be from Replay? I fought that day against Space Wolves, Eldar and Nurgle Marines. Good battles and learned some extra stuff.
Flamers in all kind of colours
The training day was good to learn that guard are indeed evil bastards and can be great allies. Damn mortars with S9 AP3 and T7? Damn... Don't know if they are Forgeworld or codex, I should look that up.  I went for a minor loss because we both didn't had the primary objective complete.
I learned it the hard way that I'm using my lord too aggressive... Next battle I placed him behind Rhino. and that went much better.
Fight was against an Imperial Guard army with Ork allies, nob bikers with painboy. Luckily only the painboy survived before he got into combat. 2plasma shots killed the Warboss. Go Papa Nurgle!
My oppontent also rolled bad with scatter dice and such.... Plaguebearers are great objective campers, I should paint some more, the Great Unclean one is also a beast. But next time I'm giving him different awards.

Great Unclean One loves Papa Nurgle
My last battle was versus Thousands Suns. A minor loss because we both didn't do the primary objective. His chaos lord became a Daemon Prince though... Pretty cool!
For the tournament I'm gonna place my aegis defence line not on the exact 12" line but more behind, so that I can place rhino's and the lord before. I can place my havocs behind them and do more damage in this way. I'll have to see how the terrain will be placed. I might have to change my tactic then.

If been thinking about taking Necron allies BUT... I'm not so sure about that. Here is why: their is the 3 flyer restriction which results in a complete overhaul new tactic. One of my thought is taking a daemon prince with black mace. I'm gonna have to test that. Or maybe an extra Helldrake and switch Typhus for a biker lord, then again I don't have a burning brand that way. Oooh, I will see!
Necrons & Chaos: Fluff wise correct?
I painted a hellbrute with plasma cannon,  a Havoc squad, some bikers and, a Khorne lord.
Hellbrute with plasma cannon
Havoc Squad part 1
Havoc Squad part 2
Khorne Lord
Seems like I have forgotten to take a picture from the bikers I have painted. Ooh well next time!

I'm currently working on an extra havoc squad, a Great Unclean One and 2 bikers left on the desktop.
WIP bikers
WIP Havoc squad
WIP Havoc squad 2