woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Terminator Protectation: Blood Angels Style

So it is time to give the Blood Angels a proper look about their protecting options for the terminators.
Lets see what we take als HQ:
Image From From The Warp
Libby with terminator armor is 125pts or a chaplain with termi armor is 155pts.Lets go with the Libby for his cover save and blood lance, pyshic abilities.
So what did we got last time: Razorback 55pts. If you choose Assault Squad with no jump packs. Only 20points and 100pts for the squad! Take a melta in the 5men squad and you get 130pts.
  • 130x3 + Libby terminator => 515pts
  • 2 x Sanguiary Priest with Terminator armor 170pts
  • 2 normal terminator squads each with Cyclone misslelaunchers. 460pts
  • 1 assault terminator squad with 2 thunder hammers. 210pts
Makes up 1355 pts. So we got 395pts left! Lets take some heavy support for these guys!
Lets take a Furioso Dreadnought with a frag cannon! 125pts. We're gonna add 2 Predators with 2 lascannons as sponsons (270pts). That way we get a nice 1750pts list.

Image From Games Workshop
So these time we got a Furioso Dreadnought and 2 predators to take down the enemy shooting force before they kill the terminators. Of course a Chaplian could be useful too in this list to let the terminators reroll their hits. But I think putting 2 priests with the terminators is a good job. Reroll for feel no pain! So that's very chill!
The libby can protect even the rest of the terminators more if you give him Shield of Sanguinius! 4+ cover save and feel no pain. Will this work? Maybe I have to test run these lists of the "Terminator Protection Style" when I got the time. Will keep you up to date!

maandag 29 augustus 2011

Nurgle Angels: Paint update

So If been painting alot these last week. Nurgle Angel Dante and 2 Priests + Also two extra Death Company.
But here come the pics =>
Nurgle Angels Dante
Priest 1
Priest 2. Using the shield as a plate for the decapited arms and heads.
Last 2 Death Company. Magniteze backpacks

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Land Speeders

A short post because If been building a while on my Land Speeders. This because that I had them magniteze!
The driver, the shooty guy and of course the weapons. And I made 2 kinds of driver/shooty guy. This so I can switch between Nurgle Angel and normal Blood Angels.

Nurgle Angels Land Speeder
Blood Angel Land Speeder
 Below you can see the Nurgle Angels that are magnitzed. The Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer for below is magnitzed and so are the Heavy Bolter / Multimelta. Ooh and last but not least! The Typhoon Missle Launchers! They are basecoated in black and the drivers/shooty guys have been painted part red.

woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Terminator Protectation: Space Wolves Style

Last saturday I went to the Albion and will I was playing I heard two other folks talk about protecting your terminators. They talked about putting razorbacks in front of them. So that you could just ride to your enemy with the terminators walking behind them. That doesn't sound that bad right? Because if we let them footslog they are more likely to be dead before they get there. So lets do the math abit:
Image from Games Workshop
Blood Angels:
Razorback 55pts. If you choose Assault Squad with no jump packs. Only 20points and 100pts for the squad! Take a melta in the 5men squad and you get 130pts.

Space Wolves:
Razorback 40pts. Lets put a 6men Grey Hunter squad in. 5x 15pts + melta gun 5pts. Total of 120pts!

Chaos Space Marines:
They don't have razobacks. So lets take a Rhino with havoc launcher 50pts. So lets take a normal squad of 5 marines in it + melta => 100pts. Total of 150pts.

Black Templars:
Razorback: 70pts. 5 men unit with melta again =>160 pts The most expensive of the razorbacks for now.

Grey Knights:
Razorback 45pts. 5 men of strike squad 100pts. And lets just give them a Psilincer for the heck of it.

So we have now:
Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines and Black Templars. Lets make a list for this idea!

Space Wolves:
This could be very easy to do. Cause with Logan in your army you can get troop terminators! Grey Knights also but they are for another turn.

Image from Games Workshop
So lets get ourself 3 x Razorback + 5 grey hunters with melta => 360pts. Ofcourse we take Logan, he is 275pts. Makes a total of 635pts. Lets take 14 terminators and divide them in squads of 5.

 Wolf Guard Terminator Squad x2 makes => 480pts
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-plasma and power sword.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-plasma and wolf claw.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-melta and power sword.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with combi-melta and Chainfist.
  • 1 Wolf Guard in terminator armour with cylcone misslelauncher and power sword.
Wolf Guard Squad that walks with Logan in the middle : 312pts
  • 2 Wolf Guard Terminators with thunder hammer and storm shield
  • 2 Wolf Guard Terminators with chainfist and storm shield
  • 1 Wolf Guard Terminators with chainfist, storm shield and a cyclone
Thunderwolf Cavalry: 315 points
5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, Thunder Hammer, Melta Bomb, Boltgun, Storm Shield

Image From Games Workshop
 Makes a list of 1742 pts. Why the thunderwolves? Well to distract your opponent. So that the termiators just walk to him. With the razorback up front killing his troops, cyclone missle launchers shooting/destroying his tanks, Thunderwolves eating the rest that walks around. And final but not least the terminators! To destroy the leftovers!

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Cygnar Warjack Lancer Painted + Dante Nurgle Angel!

So I started this sunday with my Cygnar Lancer! He went really good! First painted him total dark blue, then the metal area's. Gun and hammer. After that dried, a bad of black wash over everything. Let it dry for a day. Then touched up a bit of the rivets on his legs and other places. Did another lighter blue on some parts of his body. Another total wash of black wash. Then an extra light blue with an a few grey highlights. As final an extra wash over the model. Not to much and then a little bit of drybrush with mithril silver.

I also start working on my Dante! Following the rusty gold tutorial found on Coolminiornot. Finished the last 2 washes. Will try to softly drybrush the shining gold on it.

maandag 8 augustus 2011

Fantasy is whispering...

to built an army for Storm Of Magic! Cause damn those models look nice!
With alliances you can make between Empire and Chaos. This seems so tempting to do...
And with the Zombie dragon + Manticore models out...

Image from Games workshop
I would built an Beastmen army! There alliance would be Chaos Daemons. This for the Bloodchrushers and Bloodletters... I don't know how to play fantasy. The only thing I know is that you need alot and alot of beastmen to make a horde! Will I make myself such an army? Maybe someday I will do this. After everything else is painted. That means Nurgle Angels, Warmachine, Space Hulk...

Image from Games Workshop

Kinda have the feeling my girlfriend is gonna kill me if make another army. So lets wait a few months before doing this.

vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

I'm Back! Lots of Pics!

No sorry for me being away. If been away and I have done almost nothing of hobby stuff... Only the last few days I did a bit of painting and modeling. Pictures below! If got 3 weeks of holidays. Construction Holiday it is call in Belgium. But I went on vacation to french, stayed over at girlfriends place, learning for my exams, World Of Warcraft, etc...

But I did got my self a very nice Storm Raven model! I have no clue when to paint or model this... It looks really hard! A Prime MK 2 rulebook for Warmachine, An extra Land Speeder for my Nurgle Angels. The other is almost done building. You also see a few boxes of Gargoyles and Sanguairy Guard (for the evil wings) + a box of Grey Knights and Castellan Crow. Also needs to be build...

stuff to build / read

Ooh and my dice came in! Really nice and fun die! Can't wait to play with them! The first I rolled, roll very good so maybe this will fix my luck?
24 with the Nurgle Angel Logo, 12 normal for the troops and 12 black/red voor Death Company
I Also said I was painting a bit. And indeed I have. I start painting one of my Nurgle Sanguiary Priest.

My Landspeeder I got for my Birthday from my Girlriend :) Finally began to work on it. And magnitsed it of course! Still need to do the heavy bolter, multimelta, heavy flamer and the Assault Cannon.
Drivers to show If i'm playing Nurgle Angels Or Blood Angels

Also today built the last 2 Death Company! One exra Slashy and one shooty dude. + I made a wall! My first piece of scenery!
Peek a Poo! I can see you!
My Warmachine I build in one go! Heavy warjack, the two light warjacks and the solo warcaster I order are build! Cygnar => the Jewels of the Iron Kingdom!
Lancer, IronClad and Charger
My Cygnar Force!
So that was my I'm Back post. I finish with an Angel song! (Its Belgian Metal just so you know)
Channel Zero - Angel's Blood