maandag 9 mei 2011

Descent of Angels list

So a few days ago I posted my Descent of Angels list on Bolter And Chainsword This to see the reaction of peoples. Like I thought would happen a lot of people react on the Death Company I my list! But after rethinking a few tactics I will play like this:

HQ: Dante 225pts
(with his Sanguiary guys)

Elites: Sanguiary Priest x 2
Jump pack + power sword
Total 180pts
(following the Assault squads)

Death Company 5x
Power weapon, power fist, jump pack
total 365 pts
(there just awesome and I will have them deepstrike)

10 men Assault squad x2
Sergant got power fist , 2x melta
235 pts x 2 => 470pts
(20marines who will split up in 4 squads and stay close of the priest so this means lots of kill fun)

Sanguairy Guard 5x

1x Infernus Pistol
(together with dante they will pew pew some hq of the enemy also a deepstriking unit with dante!)

Fast Attack:
Vanguard Squad
Sergant get a glaive of encramine
1 x thunderhammer and stormshield
1 x  a pair of Lighting claws
2 x Storm shield with bolt pistol
1x Power weapon
(deepstriking unit)
total of 1750 pts

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