maandag 30 juli 2012

Nurgle Angels 5th Edition Army + Extra's

Like promised I did take pictures from my 5th Edition army and the extra's I have built for it! Some stuff are Chaos Marine army or Space Wolves. But here it is my Nurgle Angels 5th Edition Army shoot!
Death Company Dreadnought Siphona
Drop Pod
Death Company Dreadnought & Drop pod
Death Company Storm Raven Black Death
Furiso Libby & Dreadnought
Chaos Marine Obliterators
2 Multi Melta Attack Bikes
Land Speeder Justinianic and Land Speeder Bubonic
3 Predators
Combat Squad Tely One with Razorback Ride
Librarian Pasteurella & Honour Guard with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Plague One with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Angel One with Razorback Ride
Combat Squad Horny Alpha Sick with Razorback Ride
Devastator Squad or Long Fangs
Sanguinary priest Buboes and Sanguinary priest Gavocciolos
Terminator Librarian Nigrum
 LibrarianYersinia & Astorath the Grim
Objective Markers (I need to built 3more)
Chaplain Cheopis and the Death Company
Sanguinary Guard + Commander Danpestis
Commander Danpestis
Assault Squad Plague Two
Assault Squad Horny Beta Sick

 And now for the master and commander for the Chaos Space Wolves:
Wolf Lord Wodan - Count As Logan Grimnar
Arms Magnitezed so that I can give him other equipment

Also I finished my High Elf horse for my Girlfirend! Its been laying around here for a few years.

I got myself a Ghoul King from Vampire Counts! I love the big zombie dragon it normally sits on! But I'm fine with this little bitter also! He needs to get his loincloth and claws done.

And thanks to my girlfriend If got a new way to give my Rhino's a more army look. First cut out from cardboard and then I used some Blu Stuff on it for a mold. Then in 3 minutes or more I could make a greenstuff mold from it.
Back Side of the Rhino's!
Brutus and his minions!

woensdag 25 juli 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Yep it's been what? More than a week that I touched a paintbrush! The reason for this = camping vacation with my girlfriend! We went to La Roche en Ardenne a "small" place in the Ardennen in Belgium. And I hate the S turns there... Always when its going up or down... We also went for a day to Aachen! I visited the Games Workshop there and bought myself a "German" Emperor Champion called G√ľnther. I had a little chat with Jonas a german GW dude. 
He was also thinking what could be next month release. First thing he said was Chaos so I got my hopes a bit for Chaos Space Marines but it are Chaos Daemons!! Bleh! Although the Nurglings and the plaguebearers are cool I first have to wait till Chaos Marines comes out! I also found myself my Daemon Prince there! Meet Brutus! 
With this I finish my small post and be back on Monday with hopefully a lot of pictures from my 5Th edition Blood Angels army and will start thinking about my 6 Th Edition Blood Angels / Space Wolves Army. And most likely are my Black Templars going to be Dark Angels.

zondag 8 juli 2012

Belgian Grand Open

Belgian Grand Open!  A two day tournament in Wieze and the last 5th edition tournament! So how did it go? A bit meeeh!  First day I lost all 3 battles.  But the most fun we had was on the way to the place itself! I took my jink save with my car! Dodged a few pillars in the middle of the route. They were working on the exit of the motorway, one of my friends yelled "It's to the right!" So I looked for an entrance and hop I drove in, but there a few pillars in the middle of the route a few meters further. So yeah jink save on a 5+! Pass and then the right entrance in! Hooray for the renault clio!

Go Twin Linked Plasma gun / Lascannon Clio!!
The First battle against Eldar was with kill points and you had to divide 5stars to the army list of your opponent. I got tabled so I didn't got much Kill Points. 1 vs 22 KP! Really I understatement Eldar! Everything I shot with got strength 8. So my lascannons where now 8 except of 9. Kind of was a bummer for me + the dice gods failed me again! 

Best Painted army
Descent of angels in a tin box!
This Necrons whiped the floor with me
Second battle was against Necrons! Wraith spam! I knew the result of this battle before we started. He is one of the top 3 in the Belgium ranking! I'm a bit glad I could play against him but the match up was weird. He won and I lost. So we met each other in round two. Really weird. I blame the organization for this lose! Just kidding! It was a really good and smart player. I did what I could do... shoot and hope things died! Another battle lost for me! It was time for a Duvel!! And new dice! So this will most likely be my 6th Edition dice!   

 Next battle was against Space Wolves! Not just any space wolves: Drop pod style and Logan wing! Also it was against a fellow Bolter and chainsword member! We met in other tournaments but it was fun to play against him!  Skyrars Dark Wolves This mission was about holding objectives.  3 objectives. He landed with 2 drop pods right on them, then I shot one drop pod from it and then he deep strikes his land speeder on it! The battle was fun and sadly I couldn't contested with the lone sergeant against his Terminator Wolf Guard! Fun battle it was! I did parked my razorbacks and predator nice so he could shoot my vehicles in the behind!

Day two! A new day and we where battle ready! First battle: 3 objectives again! I played against miss/ commander Leafblower. 3 Hydra's, 2 Basilisk, 5 chimera's and then 2 vendetta's. Pfff I thought and I didn't do the right thing again! I should have moved 18inch. Popped smoke! And then when his shooting was done => full fire and assault in his vehicles! But it was a good battle. 2 predators survived AND! contested his objectives! I got mine save in the back with a home sitting squad there, behind a tree, so I got a cover save! My first win in a long time! The other one was with double teams. So that's halve the win. 

Look over there!


Samurai Ogres Are nice!
On to the next battle! Tyranids with kill points! Really? And the terrain was the size of a razorback + turret so no shooting over that. I was cursing the maker of that scenery! But it was a draw, cause we just played 4 turns and the next turn was a total loss for me. But since we both had to think which unit to shoot, to move, to have cover or to assault. Which was good for me! A fun battle! I got 8 on 10 for my army painting and scored a 13/20 for fluff quiz. Some good guess's also in there. We did have one fantasy player with us. I know he did better than me, but didn't go photo from the fantasy ranking only the 40k! Sorry folks! See you next tournament!