vrijdag 29 april 2011

Nurgle Angels: Death Company last 2

So last night I did a battle against tyranids. Darn those nids! Next time go a bit cheese on my list.
Had to make a count as models.
So I ran a chaplian, my death company without the powerfist dude and a 5 man squad of normal assault marines. It was against Tyranids and I must say it was a fun fight. My first 5 assault marines where bye bye in the first round and the Death company Survived thanks to feel no pain.
Leasson 1: Sanguiary Priest with the assault marines! The Death company did a good job against the little slashy 2 attacks! Combat was fun and the reroll to hit is fun! Allways to kill some people with that. The chappy died because his warrior did a rending on him. To bad.
It was a short fight but I enjoyed it! After that match I heard I have till 1 May to finish my Death Company. So here are the last 2 of my Death Company:
7 Death company + Jumpacks
Powerfist, Thunderhammer and Power Weapon
Total of 315points. April month done!

donderdag 28 april 2011

Nurgle Angels: Death Company

So here are my first 5 Death Company Finished and ready to kick some loyal!
I painted  190points. I misscalculated last night. 5 x 35pts + 15pts power weapon =>190. Thats 60points short. Damn myselfè Hope you like them!
Aim for the sky my Angels!
The guy on the left is my favorite one
Group shot

woensdag 27 april 2011

Death Company Work in Progress

So I have been slacking a lot with my blog and painting stuff!
Start reading 'Fulgrim' of the Horus Heresy, level 85 on the shaman and dungeons with the egg gang. Mage is level 62 so thats chill. Made my squad of Death Company! Pictures below:

Left thunderhammer dude
Magnetize dudes
Chaplian went flying Oh my god!
Stage one of the Death Company
So the above pics are from a while back. Past sunday was Easter and the Easterbunny left something on my office:

Stage 2 + Bases + Jump Packs:

woensdag 20 april 2011

Girlfriend painting

So like mentioned in a few post back my girlfriend also paints! She is likes the Orks of 40k. So she kinda paints my orks from Black reach. Here is the Warboss she painted and his nobz squad. + An extra Tyranid from the Space Hulk set! It looks good the painting on the tyranid something unique. The Orks are purple because the fluff beside the army is => some orks are born purple. But because they are rare you don't see them much.
That's the fluff she came up with. The clan is called the Blood Blade Clan. BBC!


 Tyranid she painted:

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Update planning

So what can I say? Vacation is fun! Magnets rule!
Magnets are awesome

And I got my first evil backpack up and flying:

Death Company Squad is built and waiting to be sprayed. Also all there backs have magnets. Only have to do 1 guy with both arms also magnetize. So that he can switch with normal weapons when he is used as an Khorne berzeker in my chaos list. And I got a better camera! Thanks to my girlfriend!
Also made some random figure:
Picture with the new camera:
much better detail!

vrijdag 15 april 2011

Planning the upcoming week

So for my upcoming week of vacation this will be my shedule to do:

World of warcraft:
Get level 85 with my shaman. Level mage as high as I can.

- Go tonight after my order at Albion. Hopefully a box of gargoyle left. For my back packs.
- Glue a squad together of Death Company
- Glue a bike squad together.
- Model a Libby / chaos sorcerer
- make them look chaos / nurgle
- magnetize the back packs of them
-Paint the death company

- californication
- Doctor Who
- Movies i need to watch

Also main reason I post this is to share this awesome pic by slaine69
It is commision from Aron Dembsky Bowden. The guy from the Night Lord Books yes indeed!
The full pic can be found here on his blog of ADB

If those guys aren't inspiration for a chosen squad. They can come and kill me!

Nurgle Angel Story

The Dornian Heresy is a great story which can be found here.
Like the name says Dorn betrays the Emperor and the rest of the normal 40k universe goes chaos or renegade. So this means Luna Wolves, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, etc are loyal. And that is pretty cool also! Thousand Sons got close combat pyshic marines. Which sound like brutal killers and an awesome elite unit! But I decided to take the Blood Angels. The Chapter dedicated themself to Nurgle. Not complete like Space Wolves do to Khorne or Raven Guard to tzeenth. The big problem they have like the story says is that they don't have much technical knowledge. Which means I have to work this also in mine army. Because the lack of technical knowledge and that there a assault force they sometimes have to make their daemon-engine.
"Before them stood Sanguinius of the Blood Angels, skin pocked and welted, and his once white-feathered wings now balding and slicked with necrotic pus."
They hide there faces behind golden masks and are allways seen in full battle armour. The perfect disguise for there plague not to be seen. But there are rumors of them drinking blood and eating the flesh of there enemies. The Apothecarion's Sanguinary Priests they didn't just transfuse there people into brethren but they where also transplanting organs who where full of toxin and decade. Sometimes the toxic get to the brains and then you get the Black Rage. Their hunger for blood is unstoppable they are a danger to friend and foe alike. They are locked away in the darkest bowels of the fleet‟s ships, only to be used in the most desperate moment of the battle.

 Battlecry for the Nurgle Angels: “For blood and for Sanguinius!”
So how will I organise my army? I have to rewrite my army list again! After making this post I got new idea's how to model and paint sutff.
Units I keep for sure are => Bikers, Devastators, Death Company, Priests Chaplian.
Most likely I will add an Libby and alot more assault marines! Maybe a honour guard or land raider for my death company? Stormraven maybe?

Most likey the vehicles like I sayed before will be used in other armies to. A another count as army is in the making!

This post completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. So does the idea of the dornian heresy belong to the people of Bolter and Chainsword.

maandag 11 april 2011

From The Warp is Back!

As many other people of the FTW bloggroup. I'm really happy Ron is back!
Welcome back Ron!! 
From The Warp is the biggest blog group online I believe and it is about 40k The main site of the group is full of good tutorials, nice guide's, pictures of Ron his miniatures,...
My favorite post was the Tuesday top ten. Like the name says: 10 top post of the FTW group where shown there. The logo of the group was this:
I just joined the group so I can't say much about it. Except I can be found in FTW Blogroll 3!
This also means no dirty words on my blog! Or obscure pictures on this blog.
And hope this will motivated me to paint and work more on my models. But first have to get my shaman tot 85 and my mage. Ooh damn you other hobby!

On the way to my girlfriend I read the Ork Codex. Really fun to read! The story abot Ghazghkull was truelly inspiring! Also the origin of the orks and the "brainboyz"! Only have to read the wargear and the armylist stuff. Maybe make a little list for my girlfriend her purple orks.

zaterdag 9 april 2011

Blog origin

Well I started this blog to get some idea's out of my head and to force myself to paint more!
Also Its a great way to show the hobby to other people!

The name:  "Death From Above" comes from the song Sabaton - Firestorm an awesome band I saw on graspop 2010! They sing about death from above in World War 2 the napalm gas. They also used in vietnam. And drop pods are death from above in the 40k universe. I also have been posting for about a month and I most say my vision on the miniature world has changed. I really enjoy writing and typing my stuff. It is a great idea to share the rest of my idea's with my friend.
Also been thinking about an Egg Gang count as Sword Brethren squad for my Black Templars. Have to make work of that! Have some models really to be painted like that! Also now that I'm joining the tale of 40gamers I have to paint models! Damn my randomness building of figures sometimes!And my Wow addiction!
Thank it is vacation soon for me ;) A week of girlfriend, painting, modeling, wow and fun stuff to do!

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Heroes of Armageddon

Like the title says and the link on the right shows. There is a new Charity Project in the modeling/gaming community. This time there are 4 lucky persons who will get each one a 3000points army! And all the money will be given to Doctor Without Borders.

How does it work?
Every dollar you sent will give you a chance to win this army! 10dollars give you 10 chances!
At the end, in July, they will randomly choose the winners.
Then, the armies will travel to Games Day in Chicago, where they will be displayed. After that the winners can take their army home or we send it off.
The more you donate the more chance you got to win one of this armies! And ofcourse! The more you donate the more you help people!

Here are the team leaders for the 4 army projects:
Dave Taylor: Steel Legion
Jawaballs: Blood Angels
Goatboy (BOLS): Speed Freaks
My only comment on this is: where are the BLACK TEMPLARS!

donderdag 7 april 2011

Base Coated + World Of warcraft

So I base coated my first few Nurgle Angels. Simple black and some red on them tonight. Maybe some greenstuff or rust effects!
Still have to post I will join the Tale of 40 Gamers 2011. After a long discussion with my friends I will join them on my horde character Getiktei again. An enhancement Shaman!
Good times! I raided most in The burning Crusade. Stopped in Wrath Of the Lich King and will now restart in Cataclysm. First thing up => making my shaman level 85 + getting the cool dungeon proto drake!
Eibende early days
Lady Vashj