woensdag 18 mei 2011

Games Workshop what are you doing?

Most people have read the stuff about Price increase on the resin models. The change from metal to resin... Maelstorm Games no longer possible to sent outside of Europe. So i'm wonder what are they up to?

Price change like posted on Bell of Lost Souls
I wonder if this will affect us Europian gamers? I kinda hope not... Cause the dollar stands lower then the Euro. Fingers Crossed. 
But this also brings me another post on Bell of Lost Souls. The Finecast one.

So we are getting resin? And have to pay up more for the same model!? It is resin and not metal!? Do they even think about the kids there health? Imagine a 10year old cutting and slicing in a resin model. Result => got some dust in his lung. And healthcare then?
Also there "New Rumor Control Policy" This Would mean only one month before Games Workshop release a codex? Models? Or one week notice. I was thinking "What The F***K?"
I do like this hobby alot! But where they are going to I don't know if I can support this...
The 3 month mail before the codex was out, was great so you could begin thinking about new conversions and stuff. Now this  would mean. "Ooh damn! I just bought a box of old marines. While the new ones are much cooler?!"

I only have one thing to add this post.

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