donderdag 5 mei 2011

Assault Squad Wip

So in order to get my Tale of 40gamers done this time on time. I allready built myself an assault squad of 10men. Have to add up some more chaos stuff. markings maybe and some green stuff icons?
I also have to drill holes for the magnets. The Jump packs need to my more chaos like. Gonna add some chaos vehicle decoration on them. Like hooks and stuff. Will be fun! Also some grenades on the dudes. Tonight it is resin base night!

Nurgle has gifted the middle one plague so he will allways be ready to shoot and kill.
Melta with icon (not used in Blood Angel army)
Brains kinda coming out of the left guy. The right one his close combat weapon became his arm
Dude with weapon in his 2 hands is a flamer.
A pike of thropy with heads.
Squad together

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