maandag 11 april 2011

From The Warp is Back!

As many other people of the FTW bloggroup. I'm really happy Ron is back!
Welcome back Ron!! 
From The Warp is the biggest blog group online I believe and it is about 40k The main site of the group is full of good tutorials, nice guide's, pictures of Ron his miniatures,...
My favorite post was the Tuesday top ten. Like the name says: 10 top post of the FTW group where shown there. The logo of the group was this:
I just joined the group so I can't say much about it. Except I can be found in FTW Blogroll 3!
This also means no dirty words on my blog! Or obscure pictures on this blog.
And hope this will motivated me to paint and work more on my models. But first have to get my shaman tot 85 and my mage. Ooh damn you other hobby!

On the way to my girlfriend I read the Ork Codex. Really fun to read! The story abot Ghazghkull was truelly inspiring! Also the origin of the orks and the "brainboyz"! Only have to read the wargear and the armylist stuff. Maybe make a little list for my girlfriend her purple orks.

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  1. Thanks for the continued support! It's good to be back at work again and helping other members.