zondag 3 april 2011

Nurgle Angel List update

So I've rewritten my 1750pt list. This because I made my other list to fast and was tired and didn't think straight.
I've written this list will I'm installing Wow again. Darn you Errors!! I was almost 32! Grmbl...
But a new list with more soldiers in it! I totally forget the combat squads rules Blood angels can do.
This means I can buy 10men en I can do like "Ooh they split up and half of them go to there and the other helft will they smack you in the face with their chainsword!"
Here it is my "final" list!

A Standard Nurgle Angel

Reclusiarch: + jumpack, bolt pistol (155pts)
Joins my Death Company

1 Sanguiary Priest + jump pack
(75pts)  x 2
One goes with Assault Squad Plague the other with Assault Squad Blood

Death Company: 8 marines with power weapon, power fist and jump packs
( 320 pts)

2 x Assault Squad of 10 marines with this in the squad:
1x Infernus Pistol 1x Sergeant with power fist and an infernus pistol
(490 pts)

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad 3 bikers:
2x melta + power fist

Heavy Support:
Devastator squad:
5 marines: 4x missile launcher

Twin- linked Lascannon + Both side sponsons lascannons)
(180 pts) x 2 Just to have some anti tank

1740 points total!

So how will I play this list:
All units will fly as close as they can. Fire there bolt pistols and then assault. Maybe I can let one squad of Assault marines (5men then) deepstrike? Should be fun! Devastator can kill some infantry or vehicles.
Death company will be my killing unit! Awesome! I can see the robes of red and black armour! Full plague rot and the never ending hunger for blood. And also! I'm thinking about doing the use of Gargoyle wings for there jump packs. Will look totally evil:

Night Haunter's Guard

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