zaterdag 9 april 2011

Blog origin

Well I started this blog to get some idea's out of my head and to force myself to paint more!
Also Its a great way to show the hobby to other people!

The name:  "Death From Above" comes from the song Sabaton - Firestorm an awesome band I saw on graspop 2010! They sing about death from above in World War 2 the napalm gas. They also used in vietnam. And drop pods are death from above in the 40k universe. I also have been posting for about a month and I most say my vision on the miniature world has changed. I really enjoy writing and typing my stuff. It is a great idea to share the rest of my idea's with my friend.
Also been thinking about an Egg Gang count as Sword Brethren squad for my Black Templars. Have to make work of that! Have some models really to be painted like that! Also now that I'm joining the tale of 40gamers I have to paint models! Damn my randomness building of figures sometimes!And my Wow addiction!
Thank it is vacation soon for me ;) A week of girlfriend, painting, modeling, wow and fun stuff to do!

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