donderdag 7 april 2011

Base Coated + World Of warcraft

So I base coated my first few Nurgle Angels. Simple black and some red on them tonight. Maybe some greenstuff or rust effects!
Still have to post I will join the Tale of 40 Gamers 2011. After a long discussion with my friends I will join them on my horde character Getiktei again. An enhancement Shaman!
Good times! I raided most in The burning Crusade. Stopped in Wrath Of the Lich King and will now restart in Cataclysm. First thing up => making my shaman level 85 + getting the cool dungeon proto drake!
Eibende early days
Lady Vashj

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The old school eibende pick is really cool, good to see that again. looking forward at seeing the nurgle angels.

  2. Well I hope to take / make a new pic soon. All with the proto drake hehe ;)
    and yepz the nurgle angels are base coated and I paint my wanna-be-rambo-grey-knight in quick silver.

  3. rambo?

    and grey-knights in silver such a shame, they are soo much cooler in collors.

    and that would be awesome group shot with proto drake's nice