vrijdag 15 april 2011

Planning the upcoming week

So for my upcoming week of vacation this will be my shedule to do:

World of warcraft:
Get level 85 with my shaman. Level mage as high as I can.

- Go tonight after my order at Albion. Hopefully a box of gargoyle left. For my back packs.
- Glue a squad together of Death Company
- Glue a bike squad together.
- Model a Libby / chaos sorcerer
- make them look chaos / nurgle
- magnetize the back packs of them
-Paint the death company

- californication
- Doctor Who
- Movies i need to watch

Also main reason I post this is to share this awesome pic by slaine69
It is commision from Aron Dembsky Bowden. The guy from the Night Lord Books yes indeed!
The full pic can be found here on his blog of ADB

If those guys aren't inspiration for a chosen squad. They can come and kill me!

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