donderdag 31 maart 2011

Tale of 40 Gamers Albion 2011

My nurgle angels 1750 list! So from april I will be painting this!
Time to meet lord of the Decay
Reclusiarch: + jumpack, bolt pistol (155pts)
Joins my Death Company

Librarian + Epistolay + Jump pack (175 pts)
Joins one of my assault squads

1 Sanguiary Priest + jump pack

Death Company: 8 marines with power weapon, power fist and thunderhammer! + jump packs
( 350 pts)

 3 x Assault Squad of 5 marines with this in the squad:
1x melta 1x Sergeant with power fist

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad 3 bikers:
2x melta + power fist

Baal predator
flamestorm cannon + heavy flamers  (140pts)

Heavy Support:
Devastator squad:
5 marines: 4x missile launcher

Twin- linked Lascannon + Both side sponsons lascannons)
(180 pts)

Total of 1745pts! So that means I think I have nice list :)

Nevermind this. I'm the Doctor! Totaly awesome!

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