dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Little thinking

So last saturday it was paganfest! That means I got to go Antwerp! For some folk metal!!
Was a great afternoon/night. Only sad thing was this weekend the hour changed! Bah!

But next weekend it is Grey Knights release! On my way to my girlfriend and on the way back if read the new White dwarf! And I must say... They look marvelous! But I can't make them yet! I have to wait till saturday and till i get some magnets! Gonna magnetize all the arms. Cause there like 8 arms on the sprue! So that means I maybe can make alot more units out of one unit! Aight!! But first the magnets! Got a box grey knights and a codex kept away for me. This means! My new personal Emperor Champion! You know the sword with a nurgle head on? Will prepare that sword for my Champion! Also the daemon head would look kinda nice as a trophy or something!

l will try to put magnets on the heavy weapons also. So I can make a heavy support squad and a purfier squad! Since Castellan Crowe is on my want list for models. I'm gonna fix a list around him.
And I'm also playing World Of Warcraft again! My eggfriends are abit sad because I joined the Alliance side and switch server. But no worries! My Shaman will be level 85 also! This means some slacking in writing maybe. But I will keep to try and post enough fun stuff!

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