woensdag 16 maart 2011

Chaos Army List

So this would be the Chaos Army List if I would be playing Chaos with my Nurgle Angels:

Kharn the betrayer (his a fucking beast!) 165 pts

7 Khorne Bezerkers 147pts (+ kharn makes the holy number)
Both in a rhino Total of 347pts

7 Plague marines. Cause you need those hard sick dudes!
Power fist (champion) 2x melta (221pts)
Rhino => 256 pts
Two times such a squad makes :512 pts

So how do we fill this up?
I know it! We do the cool count as obliterator clut from Dan the Deamon!
All credit goes to Dan the Deamon

Obliterator clut x 2 (150pts)
Total of: 1009 points.
For a friendly battle this isn't big of a problem so I think is gonna be fun!
So this would mean 3 extra rhino's just for my Nurgle Angels? Will if been thinking why don't i use magnets?
I could magnet a Rhino so it could be a predator, razorback or vindicator? + I can use magnets on the doors or some places to add some icon on it. Like for example a nurgle symbol, the blood angel drop, black templar cross,... And I would be able to use one thank for like 3 armies! I think it is time to go and buy some magnets! Most likey I will try this also on the arms. So I would be able to switch weapons and stuff.

Blood Angels List: 22 marines + 3 bikers 0 Transport
Chaos Marine List: 26 marines (Obliterators like Dan the deamon) 3 transports

I'm allready trying out the Angels Sanguine colors. And painting a Nurgle Icon.
Will post some pics tomorrow.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the idee for the oblitorators, but there is just something wrong with nurgle angels.....

  2. @ Christoph:

    No dornian heresy for the win!
    Just you wait!