maandag 14 maart 2011

Blood Angel Army List

Lets hop on the Blood Angel wagon!

Not just the normal Blood Angels! No! The Dornian Heresy Inspired ones!
(all credits for Dornian Heresy goes to the people of Bolter and Chainsword)
Short said its the alternative story of 40k as we know it. Dorn betrays the emperor just like Russ, Sanguis, Cortaz, etc.
Space Wolves become Khorne Wolves.
White Scars are Slaanesh
Raven guard are mutants thanks to fabilus bale and they follow Tzeenth.
And last but not least. The Nurgle one goes to the Blood Angels. So my first guess was to mix out space wolve/khorne  + blood angel/ nurle. Flesh Tearers are the perfect ones to go with. Death Company could go Khorne aswell. But nope. I'm doing Angels Sanguine the Nurgle side of the warp!
Every backpack is gonna be with a magnet in it. So just like every marine. Also the vehicles will most like be full with magnets. So that i can change a vindicator into a rhino or predator. Will see how this goes!
But with horns! Some plague on the feet maybe?

Gonna start with a small 1000point list:

Reclusiarch: + jumpack, bolt pistol (155pts)
Joins my Death Company

1 Sanguiary Priest + jump pack

Death Company: 5 marines with power weapon, power fist and thunderhammer! + jump packs
( 245 pts)
2 x Assault Squad of 5 marines with this in the squad:

1x melta
1x Sergeant with power fist

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad 3 bikers:
2x melta + combi melta
 Heavy Support:
Devastator squad:
5 marines: 4x missile launcher

Thats a total of 995 points.

And here is the HQ of the future army:

Maybe some demonic wing instead of jump pack. Will see

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