maandag 21 maart 2011

Some Models painted

First before I  post anything:
My painting skill isn't the best! + My camera fails alot!Maybe tomorrow if I have the courage I will try and built a Lightbox!
This on was very fun to paint. Tried some rust effects and I personally feel they went really good.
Nurgle Icon Symbol

My First go on a half scheme. Also tried the lenses glowing. I think maybe next time a bit more layering would be good.
Angels Sanguine
Black Templars for the Libarium Painting Challenge. Also some freehand on the capes. It can"t be seen. Need to get better pics. And on the helmets. Which can be seen on the Sergant + power fist. Did my first powerweapon glow on him!
"Sergant" And power fist

Tonight I'm painting Up my chaplian dude for my Angels Sanguine Death Company Squad and also coated my Kharn The Betrayer red. Gonna go and get some stuff to built myself a Lightbox. Also a small Dark Eldar + maybe Grey Knights lists tonight? If I find the time!

1 opmerking:

  1. it all still looks a bit plain i think, but a nice wash of black or brown could do some wonders, but your defenetly on the right way.

    the keeper