donderdag 31 maart 2011

Painting update + modeling

So, I decide a little paint update:

First Kharn the betrayer: He is still WIP and will most likely be added to the Chaos Marine List for my Nurgle Angels. Aka the dude who will lead the khorne bezerker/ Death company.
Blood for the Blood God!!
Chaplain of the Nurgle Angels:
This fellow will lead the Khorne Bezerker/ Death Company in the Blood Angels list. So I'm gonna be updating also this one next week. Hope you'll like it:
He will have the same robes as Death Company of Angels Sanguine. People guess they have robes to outstand them.
Biker one is up!
This means I have my first fast attack up! Ooh wait lol? Blood Angels and fast attack!?
 So I'm still not sure about the head. I thinking one of the head of Sanguairy Guard. Gonna let my girlfriend decide tomorrow.

Nurgle symbol on the back

My sergants for my Chaos list. Think I'm gonna use the Khorne dude also in my Blood Angel list. He just looks cool with a pointy finger.
Nurgle left Khorne Right

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