dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Dark Eldar List!

So my famous Dark Eldar List!
I let my girlfriend decide which wych cult it would be. She picked: "The Blade Denied". A purple Armor with some black + pink hair! That's so girly! I think it fits the Dark Eldar perfectly! So this means a (almost full) female Dark Eldar army! Lelith Hesperax of my Dark Eldar will be: Varna Linka! A purple headed Dark Eldar Chick who is followed by her Blood Brides!!

HQ: Lelith Hesperax (Varna Linka) 175pts
Elites: 9 Blood Brides with Razorfails, Hydra Gauntlets, Shardnet + Implar, 1 Syrenupgrade with Agoniser.

All together in a Raider of course. Makes 402pts! Blood Brides will be painted in White Armour with green hair and some blood stains on there white armour. To resemble there Blood Bride.

Then 2 squads as the following:
10 Wyches with Razorfails, Hydra Gauntlets, Shardnet + Implar. (Two of the three. Can't decide yet)
1 Hekatrix upgrade with agoniser. All in a Raider of course.
420 pts.
Normal painting sheme of the cult. Pink hair, purple armor with some black.

Also I take one Ravager. Just to have some Fire power! Dark lances are the best anti tank weapon! 105pts so worth it.

Then I have 73 points left.
Thats leaves space open for: 3 Reavers or 5 hellions.
The Reavers make my list 997 pts. The Hellions 1007pts.

There weapon gives one extra attack and a extra strength. So I made my choice!
Total: 1007pts.
There you go. A nice and fun list of Dark Eldar Wych Cult. The Blade Denied!

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