zaterdag 31 december 2011

Rhino / Razorback Park

Last night I glued all my Rhino's together I had laying around in my battleforce.
Also the Razorback turrents from bitsbox are glued together. I did nothing special on the rhino's. Only the "extra armour" and Rhino Doors are gonna be special. I did one special "driver" and one count as Storm Bolter. This is because I seem to have lost that bit. Everything is just primed and will be ready for painting Monday.

That's it for this year. I had a great time writing, modeling and painting! Whatever Games Workshop will do with Black Templars or Chaos Legions next year is for now just seeing in the dark.
I wish you all a good end of  2011 and a good 2012!! Happy New Year!!

From left to right: Twin Linked Lascannon, Twink Linked Plasma and Lascannon and last is a Twin Linked Lascannon

Daemonic driver saying "Hey!"
Count as Storm Bolter

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