zondag 18 december 2011

Thunderwolves and Beastmen idea's...

So it did some shopping last thursday! And I now I start modeling the things I buyed. I made my self my own Thunderwolf! I like him alot. I'm not so sure about the why I wanna mount the marine on it...
Also with the Beastmen codex in my hands now. I've been thinking about a centigor army. But then I saw the Initiative thing and my idea went bye bye. Gonna retry this thursday my fantasy experience.
Ooh and guess what I got in the mail? Yes indeed my own 3d printed shoulderpads! I love them! Can't wait to see them on a miniature and play with them.
Now I unleash the bloody beasts from hell! Tamed by my Chaos Wolves!
Prepare yourself Logan Grimnar! Wodan is coming for your Skull!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. glad you like them! Only one thing I notice after taking the pic => the stormshield has the wrong magnet for the terminator one :(
    So i removed it. And gonna redo it with a chaos knight shield! The head is gonna be for my rune priests =)
    Sadly they can't take Thunderwolves :(