maandag 12 december 2011

Fantasy won the call!

So I finally fall for the fantasy army idea.... I have chosen the Beastmen as an army! Why?
Because the brutal look and the horde feel. Makes me wanna go and kill some humans!

Art owned by Games Workshop
 I'm thinking about building an army with 2 groups of 20 gors. And then a group of ungors have the other 50% ambush. A bunch of 2x 6 minotaurs! For the Cloven! I'm thinking winter theme for my Beastmen?

Photo owned by Games Workshop

Winter Gor
I also like the idea of having such a big unit of Beastmen preparing to fight! And having one of these 2 in the army would be awesome! But first! I'm doing a test run with my LGS owner his beastmen!

Image from Games Workshop

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