donderdag 15 december 2011

First Fantasy Battle

So I had my first Fantasy Battle today! Was fun! The magic phase I like!! The amount of dice you have to roll with combat in fantasy is lots of dice! They movement and charge stuff.... The stuff I disliked the most!! The movement phase! All those pointy things and then if you hit one guy you hit the one next to him and then the guys next to that guy! OH MY GOD! ARGH! That's why my bases (I"m allreadt that sure!) are gonna be magnitzed.
Image from Games Workshop
That's something I'm gonna have to learn. One thing I'm allready for sure is this: Minotaurs are awesome!! Impact, 4 attacks, stomp, frenzy after one a battle... Nice! Then the idea of having a doombull in an ungor unit... I like that! Before you have kill them all... I'm gonna get you! The magic phase I really like! Maybe a more magic army?  I bought myself the warhammer fantasy army book of Beastmen.  Maybe convert the beastmen abit? So that I could use them as Chaos Warriors? Yes indeed I'm that evil! Gonna rethink maybe my army choice. I'm in doubt to be 100 sure. The fluff of beastmen is awesome. The idea of Minotaur! Awesome! 
Image taken from Drunken Samurai
A Battle Standard Bearer seems like a good idea also! Have to check what he does. But that is for tomorrow!!

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