vrijdag 30 december 2011

Happy Holidays! And painting stuff!

First of all I hope everyone had a good christmas or holiday! Also a good new year and a happy ending! I know mine  can't go bad anymore!  With vacation for me I got alot of time for painting and modeling. I did paint alot the recent days. My girlfriends christmas gift, Beastmen test model, Chaos Warhounds, 4 Chaos Wolves, my Good sister in law her persent, a few test models, 2 tyranids painted by girlfriend, my home made rhino doors. Ooh and my dakaka dreadnought!
Last night we did a little test battle for a double tournaments. Teammate and I got smashed by Grey knights and vanilla marines. Damn those dakaka dreadnoughts! And not to forget even heavy bolters on standard razorbacks cracked my razorbacks open...  An no one takes Extra armour!? Really! o.O I was shocked. I changed my serg's to power sword instead of powerfists... Luckely still a test battle!
Also I start to fear that Black Templar maybe be a White Dwarf Codex... What if we don't get anything new? And the rumours are just rumours that nothing is true of new models and so! I kinda don't wanna end up like Blood Angels (before 2009) and Sister of Battle now.What will be released in February? I know for sure that its gonna be 40k! Ooh well here are my pics:
Test Normal Blood Angel and New Year Present (WIP)

2 Black Templars WIP

Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend

Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Space Hulk Tyranid Girlfriend
Chaos Warhound 1

Beastmen and Chaos Warhounds
My Girlfriends Space Marine Buzz Lightyear

Girlfriend her: AaarghD2
The reall Buzz and my Buzz
Extra Armour Rhino Chaos Style!
Nurgle Angels Rhino door

Chaos Wolves Rhino Door

Grey Hunter and Wolf Guard with Thunderhammer and stormshield
Wolf guard with storm Bolter and Grey Hunter met Mark of the Wulfen

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