maandag 2 januari 2012

2011 ending and beginning 2012

What did 2011 brought to me?

My Nurgle Angels finished. I do like my army but I shouldn't have gone Descent of Angels with them.
Sadly I didn't win any battle with them (for now). That’s why I'm going for a more tournament style army. Razorbacks, Rhino's and 2 stormravens. The deep strike went good sometimes but yeah... It was easy for my
opponent to just kill my army.
I maybe should have gone for Sanguinary Guard army but meh! That's for another time (maybe!).
I did play a lot more tournaments then I thought I would. I did get owned every time but I had a fun time every time. So that's still what matters.
Next year maybe it is time for a Chaos Legions variant of my Nurgle Angels. But will see what Games Workshop bring out in Q1-Q2 of 2012.
Gonne focus on that. Because 2012 will be 40k year!! I fear for changes when 6th edition comes out.
I also started with the idea of a Fantasy army but will see what is going to happen. The Vampire Counts look tempting to do. Since the girlfriend isn't all too happy about a beastmen army!

I ended the year with the promise to first finish the models I have lying around (except for Space Hulk and Dreadfleet).
And so far it was going well. This because I place them on a spot where they are in the way.
The place is where the cable of my pc mouse lays and when I move, well I slam my models and I'm irritated.  So I take my model and start painting! I did try some highlights on some models. Pictures are below. And also the razorback turrets of my Razorbacks are ready to be painted.

So what was 2011 really to me?
- white dwarf reading
- finishing my Nurgle Angels
- playing space marine
- start with tournaments
- and some other stuff I must have forgotten.

What do I aim for 2012?
- trying to do highlights.
- expand my Nurgle angels (vehicles and extra units) and redo them with highlights.
- Black Templar redo
- maybe Black Templars when they get a new codex!?
- Finish all my miniatures I have laying around
- snow base all of my bases
- ooh and not to forget! Count as Logan Grimnar Wing!?
- A displace tray for the armies?

And for the people who are reading this A Happy New Year and a good game year! And a good health and lots of love and happiness!

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