donderdag 22 december 2011

Schedule failure

So I check my Schedule yesterday and seem I didn't do good. The tyranids aren't done from Space Hulk. I should be able to do them in the next 2 weeks. But also the holidays and schoolwork are gonna keep me from completing me. 

  • Finish Nurgle Angels => Tale ends in October so my army needs to finished painting then!
    •         Real Army list will be finished end of November (CHECK!) Only Sanguiary guard left!)
  • Space Hulk 
    •   Genestealers: half way december? ( FAIL!)
    •   Space Hulk Terminators. Half January / End of January? (STARTED ON THEM!)
  • Extra units/vehicles for my Black Templar Army Q 1-2  (still have time!) But I have a squad 5men sword brethren Paint in progress.
  • More Nurgle Angels when Chaos Legions codex is out! => Count as squads!
      • Khorne Wolves or Death/Khorne Company? (started on them!)
      • Lust Scars
      • Egypt Knights
      • Iron Warriors could be the terminators for the Angels (Have terminator with me. Most likely a Logan (Wodan) Wing army!)
      • ...
  •  Khorne Wolves or a Fantasy Army? (Khorne Wolves are being painted and Rhino's are on their way! Fantasy I'm gonna play a game tonight so most likely I'm gonna do Beastmen!)

And as final for all of you:
Image taken from Space Wolves

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