zaterdag 26 november 2011

Warpstorm 5

So today was Warpstorm 5! I had a great time again. Lost my battles. But! I still made it to 27th place! Not bad! It where 3 different kind of battles also. So the first battle was. 3 objectives and data slate taken from it when you had it for 2 turns. (Which I did!) My opponent did the same. 

The first battle was against tyranids! I killed 1 trygon and 1 hive guard squad. Not bad right? But still hooray for me! Second turn I did a bit bad... I underestimated the veteran squad that are unlocked as troops by Pedro Kantor... And then all combi plasma, combi melta and plasma guns. Pfew! I had a bad time with those guys... But still it was a fun battle! It could have been totally different...
I had first turn and for some reason my rolls where now failing me. For the same reason I could have popped all his vehicles but yeah I didn't made  it to that... Also my storm raven last for 5 turns! But still... Was a good match and I had a good fun game! That I was really meant for me. Same goes for the third battle. Didn't play it all too well also with first turn. Gave it away and with that he parked all his vehicles in close to the objective. So I only could contest it for 2 turns. But after that he just shoot my units from the middle point... So I still had a good time! Now is time to get me some rhino!
This pony is for my girlfriend who took all the pictures

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