zaterdag 5 november 2011

Crisis 2011 + Insurrection 3

Today was Crisis 2011 in Antwerp!
Damn did I have good loot day! I first traded my miss order bag with KR Multicase.I can recommend them for sure! Awesome folks! I just had to say "I miss order" and it was "oooh wait Tom!! Right! I have it here for you." So really good to know they where up to date and all!
Some nice World Ward 2 scenery

One of the benefits about Crisis is that they have a second handstock sale! Which is of course very good! If you are looking for a rather cheap model. This year there was a dude who had alot of painted (and really good!) armies with him to sale. A Warmachine army for 125euros. Worth of 350 euro of models.  Also there was a Space Hulk again! This time it was 175euros not open yet! Tempting!! Ooh Good thing me and my girlfriend didn't had enough money with us. What did I buy?
An Rogue Trader Dreadnought! A old metal one! From 1987. Its a year older then me!
24 year old dreadnought! Prepare to serve the Black Templars!
 Also found a Brother Corbulo and Astorath the Grim for a good price! And a extra Rhino!
Ooh and lets not forget the 6 marines who are from 2nd Edition! (I think that its 2nd edition)
Bought a box of 5 marines. Contains: 2nd edition Lascannon Chaos Marine, A Chaos Sorcerer with Froce Axe, A Chaos Lord with jump pack who lost his lighting claws! And a extra Heavy Bolter marine.
Lots of stuff for not much money!
Codex Eye of the Terror is also mine now! Want it for the Lost and Damned Legion. Kinda nice and easy to do that!
I didn't find a Drop pod, a chaos terminator lord and Wolf guard terminators or a box Blood Crushers. None the less! I found it an amazing Crisis! Next year I'm gonna watch a movie in the afternoon. Just to relax a bit and wait the untill it is time to leave. So that the people will sale more stuff even cheaper.
Insurrection 3 is tomorrow! I'm kinda nervous cause its a big tournament. 41 people will be there! And only 2 of the Local Game Store... Kinda have to do my best! I have some scenario's in my mind but still... Wish me luck!! And here are some other pics of the crisis:
A paper wargame! It looked fun!
13th Company of Space Wolves! One the other reasons Codex: Eye of Terror is great!

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