donderdag 10 november 2011

Blood/Nurgle Angels 1750 compitive list

Lets try a different approach on my Nurgle Angel army!
This because last tournament my marines where shoot away when they deepstriked. So this kinda made me sad. On the last battle against Tau it was great to distract the enemy to shoot the deepstriking unit but that gave him lots of kill point. So lets get some vans!!!!
  • 1750 Point list!
  • 1 Libby with jump pack
  • 1 Libby on foot
  • Chaplian on foot
  • 2 Sanguinary Priest on foot. 2x Power Sword
  • 1 Sanguinary Priest with Power Sword and jump pack
  • 2 x 1 Assault Squad ( 5 marines) Meltagun and powerfist in a Razorback in Twin linked Lascannon + Extra Armour
  • 9 Death Company with power weapon and power fist in a drop pod with locator beacon.
  • 1 Assault Squad (10 marines ) with 2 meltaguns and infernus pistol
  • 1 Devastor Squad with 3x Missile Launcher + 1 Lascannon In a Razorback with Twin linked Lascannon
  • 1 Devastor Squad with 3x Missile Launcher + 1 Lascannon
So I have 2 squad of assault marines in Razorbacks. One with a priest and another with a Libby inside it.
Then I got 2 devastor squad. The second priest is placed in the middle of them and of course a Razorback to contest for objectives. I do keep a squad of Assault Marines with priest and Libby. Then I have my Death Company in a Drop pod. This so that I can drop them close! Think I'm gonna do 4 of them with Bolters so I can let them Rapid fire in the beginning!!
That for now is my list for next year. I'm starting my Rhino building process! With decoration in the rhino / razorback like this:
Image taken from: Hortwerth
And the Dreadclaw/drop pod like this:
Image taken from: Sheep

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