maandag 14 november 2011

Space/Chaos Wolves 1750 list!

Okay so lets do the same thing for my Chaos Wolves! A list for these guys! Lets see:

  • 1 Rune priest with Wolf Tail Talisman, Chooser of the Slain, Wolftooth Necklace and Murderous Hurricane + Jaws of the World Wolf as a psychic power
  • 1 Lone Wolf with Storm Shield, Chainfist and Meltabombs
  • 1 Dreadnought with 2x Twin Linked Autocannon
  •  3 squads like this:
    • 1 wolf Guard with Combi melta and power fist
    • 5 grey hunters. 1x melta gun
  •  3 Razorbacks! 2x Twin Linked Lascannon 1 x Lascannon and Twin linked plasma gun
  • 1 squad:
    • 1 wolf Guard with Combi melta and power fist
    • 8 Grey hunters with 1x meltagun, 1x Powerfist, 1x Mark of the Wulfen
  • Rhino with Extra Armour
  • 3x Thunderwolf Calvary 1x Storm shield, 1 thunderhammer and 2x Wolf claw
  • Wolf guard in terminator armour + Cyclone missile launcher
  • 5 x long fangs: 3x missile launcer 1x lascannon
  • in a Razorback with Twin Linked Lascannon and Extra Armour 
Yes indeed I'm taking 4 razorbacks! 1 HQ (rune priest) and 1 dreadnought. Thinking about maybe taking an extra one. Don't know for sure... I think my grey hunter squads is gonna hurt alot. Atleast thats what I'm hoping for! Hope you like the list! Please comment if you think it can be more killing!
Now for some pics! I got my skulls in the mail box and I couldn't wait to build my "Khorne decoration"
They are removable. This because I wanna cast them
I know Emperor would kill me for it!
Also painted a few extra marines for the kill team. The banner guy will be an objective in my next tournament.
Count As Wulfen

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    1. Zo'n fucking coole banners! GIEF

    2. vind wel wat jammer dat je de greenstuff vanonder de skulls kan zien