maandag 3 oktober 2011

Challenge 6!

So I went to the Challenge 6 in Roeselare last saturday.We where with only 3 players of the club. But we had a good / bad time. Steven has got the best time. Cause he got 3rd place and best painted army. Jasper also got very far in the tournament. And I did get defeated good... But I enjoyed the games I played! The first game was against Tyranids. Oooh boy! 2 Tervigons and 3 Trygons... The second After against Imperial Guard was the same problem as the first. Power Fist guy doesn't take save... And the Third battle against Orks? He got 4 x 30 orks as troops with him. So lets try to get through that? Nope not going to happen...
But I did enjoy my games. Was fun to play against other people! And I haven't taking much pictures of my army because the armies I was against with weren't fully painted. So bummer abit. Here are the pics!

Picture taken by Jasper
This is the board after the first turn... I've got like I said kicked aroung good by them. 6 wounds and Monster Creatures... Truely damn! I killed one Trygon still!
Picture taken by Jasper     
I do have to find a way to kill monster creatures... You know what else is really unlucky? If the only thing to kill a Monster or blow a tank u decides to die... The marine with the powerfist... On the next battle he also choice to do that...
Emo Vampires vs Space Vikings!   
Lets defened this crater guys! First Turn of imperial Guard! *zap*
Count As White Scars painted like Night Lords
Warmachine Lights!
6 D6 Rolled by Steven
Steven Checking a model, me drinking coffee
Best Painted Army - By Steven
 If you scrolled down below I have to say this also. Thanks for watching and reading! I'm also already thinking about adding a devastor Squad to create a Blood Hammer. But I do enjoy my Death Company!!

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