maandag 31 oktober 2011

Necrons are back!!

Necrons are back! Prepare to be harvest!
Image from Games Workshop
Kinda think Games Workshop did a great thing bringing them back on the halloween weekend.
And damn do they look nice!? Sure they do! Gonna buy the codex and wait a month or two before doing a kill team with those guys. Gonna be a pain in the ass of you ask me to kill those new codex necrons. I had a hard time with my Black Templars against them. Kinda fear now I'm gonna get eaten by them now...
But still! They did a great thing about the models and vehicles for the Necrons
Image from Games Workshop
Just look at that Ghost Ark! Damn.. Just think what they will do to Tau  and Chaos Legions next? Better should start saving money!! I'm also sure that my kill team will be around these guys. The Triarch Praetorians.
Image from Games Workshop
And that together with Imotekh the Storm Lord
They do look awesome together in the screenshot Games Workshop has on the frontpage!
That it is for now. Gonna see a movie now! How knows a scary one?!
Happy Halloween!!

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