vrijdag 30 september 2011

Nurgle Angels Done!

My Nurgle Angels are done! I've been slacking for a long time. That is true... But hey I painted my army. Did my work good on my work. So I'm  happy about this! Everything is painted! I painted a death company Dreadnought, Stormraven, 2 landspeeders, around the 20marines and an extra libby!
When I'm playing I will take pics also of the battlefields. Hope to get some good pics! For my codex.
I can share you this every opponent => linky link! A little feedback about the army and every squad / model in it. But just like before more pics and less talking:
Death Company Dreadnought Siphona
Storm Raven The Black Death with his passengers
Land Speeder Justinianic
Land Speeder Bubonic

Librarian Yersinia
The Entire Army!

Yes the Dreadnought can fly!

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