vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Last week

So what did I do the last week?
Well I started painting my work gift! And also built 5 sword brethren for my Black Templars. Finally some heretic killing stuff! I'm still a heretic with my Nurgle Angels and my Khorne Wolves.
Start painting genestealers and terminators form Space Hulk! If been slacking on those models to much! Time for some painting! (pictures will be taken sunday! Will post a post full of photo's)
Also have the fluff for my kill team. Which is fun to paint!
Kill team fluff:
My missile launcher squad will be made of chaos wolves long fangs!
My Space Wolves are of a Company that went Renegade. Why they went Renegade ? Their Wolf Lord Wodan wanted to go deeper into the eye to look for Russ. They declared him mad and crazy but he did it anyway! After dozens of years he returned with his company. Unfortunately they changed because of their search for Russ and the consequences of Daemons and Chaos Marines fighting. Khorne whisperd Wodan in his ear and of the Rune Priests. This means that the other Space Wolves quickly followed. When they came out of the Eye they became Khorne worshipers fully ... In terms of technology, they are not behind any!. Thunder Wolves were soon replaced by a Bloodcrushers...

Prepare to see this in my kill team!
Image take from Dark Future Games

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